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Point Blank Offers Home Studio Set Up Tips With Video & Playlist [Dojo Takeover]

Point Blank Music School is one of the best places for music producers to get a leg up. They’ve got three schools spanning the globe, as well as online classes/courses that can be taken from the comfort of your own home. Not only that, but they offer some great free videos for all sorts of tricks.

The latest tricks they shared had to do with one of the most important things for a producer: setting up their home studio. Not only has Point Blank entered the dojo to help you with your home studio, but they got their hands on our Dojo Takeover Spotify playlist to give you some great music to set up your studio to. Check the tips, check the songs and make sure to hit up Point Blank for any of your producer needs.

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[Dubstep] Point.Blank – THE MONEY EP

Point.Blank and Buygore are the perfect match. They recently paired up for the release of the Belgian’s EP, THE MONEY, that features five solo originals packed with as much bass as you can handle. Fans previously got a taste of the EP with the first single “DRUG DEALS” that was released prior, but now the whole gang is here.

As you may guess from the all caps project, the music is just as in your face and loud. I mean, it is dubstep and that’s just how it should be. Point.Blank gives us an EP with top quality sound design and a whole lot of swagger, showing off to others just how dope dubstep can be. He brings his own style, one that matches intensity with groove. Get your neck ready, these are all headbanger approved. Check out the previews below and grab a copy of THE MONEY from digital services today.

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[Video] Point Blank Educates On History Of Techno

Over the past several years, the dance music producer has taken hold as the new rock star. People were jumping at the opportunity to enter into producing music as its ease of access allowed for many who previously were unable, to now begin creating. Some of those people went to schools to learn, or perused through tutorials online. One of the best institutions who partake in both types of classes is Point Blank.

Voted as the best electronic music school, Point Blank is a staple in the electronic music education system. They are a go to source for nearly everything, including the history of dance music. They recently put out part one of their video series in regards to techno. In it James Wiltshire goes over the history of the genre, as well as some sound design techniques to get people started in creating techno.

This video is just the tip of the iceberg as far as Point Blank’s catalog is concerned. With a seemingly infinite amount of online materials, as well as locations in Los Angeles and London, Point Blank has what you need whether you’re a beginner, an expert, or just someone who is looking to learn some interesting things about dance music.

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[Dubstep] Point.Blank – Awake EP

Belgian producer Point.Blank is well known for some downright gritty creations. Buygore is known for releasing some of the highest quality records at the moment, so putting the two together is pretty much a no-brainer. The result was the Awake EP, a five track project packed with entirely original tracks without any collaborations. As is stated in the URLs of Point.Blank’s socials, you’re gonna get dubstep, but that didn’t stop a little DnB from making its way onto the EP.

Instead of waking up to some coffee to get your mind right in the morning, all you really need is this EP. No matter what song you choose, you get that in-your-face sound that bassheads love to hear. For us, the tracks “Broken Mirror” and “Paperboy” take the cake, but the other three are undeniably bangin’. Get some biofreeze ready, because you’re going to need it after headbanging your way through these tracks. If you’d like to hop on a purchase, then head over to Beatport for the EP.

’Point.Blank – AWAKE’
’Point.Blank – HOLD IT THERE’
’Point.Blank – BROKEN MIRROR’
’Point.Blank – PAPERBOY’
’Point.Blank – WIPE THEM OUT’
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