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Discover New Music: Sparkadia – Postcards


On my path to discover new music albums, I can’t help but tell you about the amazing alternative rock quartet from Sydney, Australia – Sparkadia. Since the release of their album “Postcards”, they have gained an enormous amount of attention in Australia and the UK touring and opening to bands like Jimmy Eat World, and Vampire Weekend.

Their upbeat catchy rock style and the constant incorporation of different musical elements into each song has made their album “Postcards” a must-listen. The Album starts off with “Too Much to Do”, which has a relaxed and rhythmic guitar riff that provides the vocalist Alex Burnett the foundation for his harmonious vocals to soar and glide through the entire song just as gracefully as those guys with wing suits jumping off a mountain. “Connect” is a another very mellow/melodic song in the album that compliments “Too Much To Do”.

My favorite song start at track seven, titled “Animals”, with an explosive, hard-hitting intro on the drums as a fully reverbed guitar plays a tiny solo; the solo merges into verse one where the atmosphere settles down a bit and a tightly coordinated rhythmic guitar riff sets the tempo for the rest of the song – or so you think – until the song throws another soothing surprise at you.

However, I consider the catchiest song in the album to be “Jealousy”, with its heart-felt vocals screaming the very title of the song with an interwoven guitar progression that is simply uplifting. If you enjoy listening to Coldplay you will certainly enjoy this song a lot.

Postcard was only released to the UK and Australia during the summer of 2008. Although there hasn’t been a USA release announced, you can still buy their albums through iTunes and Amazon.com.





“Too Much To Do”

”Too Much To Do”

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