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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 165)

This week has been great for music, especially if you’re looking to turn things up a notch for the weekend. We have huge tracks for you from Destructo, who kicks things off with his new freebie, as well as Adventure Club, Luca Lush, Revolvr, Sikdope (Happy Birthday!) and Prince Fox who signed to the major label Republic Records on Monday. Safe to say, those last two will be partying! If you’re looking to shed the week off with some drinks and your friends, then all that’s left is the music. As usual, we’ve got you covered, but we only ask that you do for us one thing. Please, make sure to #danceirresponsibly.

’Destructo – Techno’
’Luca Lush – HIT THE QUAN’
’Wait Until Tomorrow (Prince Fox V.I.P.)’
’The Chainsmokers – Roses (Not Your Dope Remix) Feat. Rozes’
’Tiësto & DallasK – Show Me (Revolvr Booty Flip)’
’Troyboi – A f t e r h o u r s feat. Diplo & Nina Sky (Omeguh Remix)’
’Kastra & White Vox – Turn It Out’
’Lady Ocean & Urresta – Janja (Original Mix)’
’Cake Eater & Inflect – Jello (Treovr Remix)’
’Limitless Feat. Delaney Jane ‘
’Savej – Swamp Funk’
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SNBRN feat. Kerli – Raindrops (Prince Fox Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Prince Fox
Raindrops (Feat. Kerli) [Prince Fox Remix]

After quite recently reaching #1 on Hypem, Prince Fox is already back with more. His 25K celebration was thunderous, but this time he comes baring an official remix for SNBRN of “Raindrops.” Ultra is releasing the track today, and we have the chance of premiering it to you.

Prince Fox has a knack for flipping tracks; more so than a lot of producers out there. Not only is he able to deliver top quality tracks time and time again, but he is able to put his sonic stamp on everything. You know when it’s a Prince Fox track, and they don’t age one second. His timeless identity comes out big in his velvety remix of “Raindrops.” Snag this one from Beatport after you are done having a listen, and if for some reason you are not already following this cat on social media, you should probably hop to it.

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[Future/Trap] Prince Fox – 25K Facebook Giveaway Pack

Prince Fox is a man of musical wonder. All his released tracks are pure fire, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Aside from his yet to be released work, the producer has many edits/bootlegs that he creates and uses in his live shows. With his recent milestone of 25,000 Facebook fans, he has decided to release some of those.

Six tracks in all make up this giveaway pack, including flips of tracks by Dirty South, Cazzette, and Florence & The Machine. Only two of the tracks were uploaded to Soundcloud, which are the Major Lazer and Martin Garrix with Usher bootlegs. Prince Fox’s future pop style comes out strong in these edits, except for the mashup of Jackal, Boombox Cartel and House of Pain, which makes for a nice break from the heavenly sounds Sam puts forth in the other songs. Like we said, this is a giveaway, so get your goodie bag right here.

’Martin Garrix Feat Usher – Dont Look Down (Prince Fox Bootleg)’
’Martin Garrix Feat Usher – Dont Look Down (Prince Fox Bootleg)’
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[House] Prince Fox – Wait Until Tomorrow

Prince Fox
Wait Until Tomorrow

Does anything really need to be said besides Prince Fox released a new song? To the surprise of many, the New York mastermind has shifted his style on his latest song, “Wait Until Tomorrow,” proving no matter the genre, he can hold it down. The single has already made a splash on the blogosphere, as more and more people get behind Sam. Some would call this song future house, some would disagree, but I think the producer’s own declaration of “future pop” does justice to the sound he has created. Look for Prince Fox to take over the industry, as he has already begun his swift ascent to the top. “Wait Until Tomorrow” was released for free, so if you would like it for yourself, get it here.

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[Future] Atlas Bound – Tell Me (Prince Fox Remix)

Atlas Bound
Tell Me (Prince Fox Remix)

What happens when future meets downtempo? This track has the answer. Australian duo Atlas Bound has been carrying the torch for Next Wave Records by releasing a series of juicy tunes, including “Tell Me”, which is remixed by NY-based producer Prince Fox, who once again proves that his music knows no boundaries and manages to turn anything into epicness.

This ominous tune gets the Prince Fox treatment with bold synths and statement drums. Without tweaking the soulful vocals that much, Prince Fox gives it a Flume-y vibe without overshadowing the powerful vocals that resemble the voice of singer Alex Clare. The combination of the two types of music is surprisingly addicting. If you’re fan of either one of these artists, this track will be stuck with you for a long time. Make sure to grab a free download of this tune via ToneDen or click here. We’re excited to see what these up and comers have in store for us.

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[Electronic Pop] Kimbra – Settle Down (Prince Fox Remix)

Settle Down (Prince Fox Remix)[Warner]

Prince Fox is switching gears from his usual grandiose, future bass production as he prepares his original EP that is set to be out sometime later this year. He’s crafted a bubbly revised edition of pop darling Kimbra that scales back on his familiar sidechained goodness in exchange for more of a tune with a head bobbing nature. Mallet style synths drip along the rumbling drums as Kimbra’s voice is allowed to shine throughout the tune, creating a sense of just what pop could really be capable of if more of its artists were willing to explore new boundaries within the genre. This is a much more toned down version of Prince Fox, and it’s piqued our interest as to what to expect from his upcoming EP. He graciously given us a free download, so snag your copy and enjoy!

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[Future Bass] Lemaitre – All I Need (Prince Fox Remix)

All I Need (Prince Fox Remix)[Astralwerks]

NY-based producer Prince Fox has been on a roll with new releases! Putting his new trap sound to an experiment with his side project Mr. Ghost, the do-it-all producer continued the hype by putting out a collab remix with Hotel Garuda, hitting a quarter million plays in less than a week. To keep the ball running, he released this remix titled “All I Need” on Astralwerks, originally by Norwegian indie electronic duo Lemaitre. This tune is an exploitation of his signature synth-wave sound, in which Prince Fox now masters and takes it to a whole ‘nother level. The instrumental-heavy electronica shapes his style of music, resembling the glitching sound by the almighty Flume. It’s one of those tunes you just have to listen for yourself, because words cannot describe how incredibly addicting and catchy it is.

Prince Fox’s music has become more complex and diverse as exemplified by these recent releases, and we could not wait to see what else he has in store for us. Definitely one of the most exciting artists to watch in 2015.

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