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[Hip-Hop] Mac Miller – Confessions of a Cash Register (Feat. Prodigy) (Prod. Alchemist & Larry Fisherman)

Mac Miller recruits one half of Mobb Deep for his latest offering. Produced by Alchemist and Larry Fisherman (Mac’s alter-ego), the song diverges toward a much different aesthetic than we’re accustomed to from the Pittsburgh native. Prodigy and Mac both flex their lyrical dexterity as they detail their accounts of a convenience store robbery, making this one of the more clever and mature Mac Miller tracks to date. It’s definitely been interesting tracking his progress over the last few months since he first established his SoundCloud account. Mac’s next album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off should be dropping soon.

’Confessions of a Cash Register (feat. Prodigy) (prod. Alchemist & Larry Fisherman)’
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The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Major Lazer Remix)

Prodigy was one of the most iconic international successful bands to hit the music scene in the late ’90s. With their experimental mix of trap and dance, this UK group’s sound was definitely ahead of their time. Recognizing their forward movement on music, XL is set to reissue a remastered mix of Prodigy’s ground-breaking LP The Fat of the Land. Included in this deluxe release is the Major Lazer remix to the smash single “Smack My Bitch Up”. Adding in some reggae sound bites and hints of dubstep, Major Lazer does the original justice by modernizing the sound for a new generation of EDM fans. Be sure to listen to the single below and make sure to cop the LP on December 4th.

’The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Major Lazer Remix)’
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[Hip-Hop] Childish Gambino – Body ft. Prodigy

In case Gambino’s most recent outstanding mixtape, Royaltyleft you wanting more, here is a track that just missed the cut for that project. “Body” has a raw, east-coast underground feel to it with its dark and classic production (produced by Childish as was much of the mixtape). Donald’s lyrics are as sharp, comedic and truthful as expected with lines like “these b*tches always down to ride/especially if you keep they nose gentrified.” Prodigy’s vocals and lyricism also add nicely to the overall feel of the track. The immense amount of growth we have seen in Childish Gambino since his early mixtapes is almost absurd as he has truly launched himself into the hip-hop elite.

’Childish Gambino – Body ft. Prodigy’
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