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Shadowgraphs – Scarlet Tunic [TMN PREMIERE]

Scarlet Tunic

Shadowgraphs is a self-described “neo-psychedelic” rock group that hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. Recently, they have been releasing music through Portland’s Golden Brown, an independent label/artist development group. Today, TMN is premiering Shadowgraphs’ latest single, “Scarlet Tunic” as a followup to their first single “Countryside”, both off their upcoming full-length album that’s due out this April.

“Scarlet Tunic” is an adventurously high-energy tune, continuing off of the retro-cool sound established on the first premiere single. It is an unmistakably psychedelic production that shows influence from 60’s surfer rock. The track features a harmonization of reverb and distortion-heavy guitars, while being anchored by a rock-steady bass line that provides structure in an otherwise frenetic song. Band member Wils Glade describes the song as:

the mental point you get to when you’ve stayed up for way too long, like a day or so, and reality begins to crumble around you.

You can certainly feel this mental battle when you hear the guitar riffs go up against the dream-like, ambient vocals. If you rocked out to this joint, pre-order the upcoming album (out April 7th) on Shadowgraphs’ Bandcamp.

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[Show Review] Deerhunter at The Observatory North Park, San Diego, CA

Deerhunter is one of our favorite experimental rock bands around right now. We’ve been following them for years, and to finally get to see them in concert was an occasion. On Friday night the Atlanta-born musicians took to the stage in San Diego, CA and delivered what we consider to be a performance solidifying their place as neo-rock superstars. Their music live seems to be the only way we want to listen to them from now on.

Lead singer Bradford Cox had a stage presence that was anticipated, but proved surprising in one respect. While we expected his presence to be profound, we weren’t expecting it to get so dance-y. It was much to our pleasant surprise that waves of dancing erupted in the crowd more often than not, namely the movement session that accompanied the latter part of “Living My Life”—a single from their latest album Fading Frontier that was accompanied by a saxophone in this live rendition. And who could forget the seductive stripping of Cox’s suspenders that followed not long after.

Towards the middle of the show the band dedicated a performance to the memory of Cox’s stepmother, set to the song “Take Care.” The song is already an enchanting piece on its own, but the band altered and extended the breakdown, taking the song to new depths that it hadn’t possessed previously. The percussions in particular led a crescendo that left the crowd in complete silence, only to erupt moments later in a reverent roar.

Following an encore, the band did a few of their older classics like “Desire Lines,” in which guitarist, vocalist and Lotus Plaza-creator Lockett Pundt sang it in its entirety. The passion and talent of the duo together was truly a sight to see. Following this came a few songs from the album that first got us started on Deerhunter, Microcastle and hearing the songs “Cover Me Slowly” and “Nothing Ever Happened” live were moments that we had hoped for but did not expect given the older date of that record.

The set wound up being, overall, everything that we could have asked for, and more. It’s sent us into a week long phase of listening to their discography, and has us being very appreciate of being able to catch them live. Hopefully, it won’t be the last time

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Feed Me Jack – Humanzoo [TMN Premiere]

Feed Me Jack

Oakland-based band Feed Me Jack rocked our SF showcase last month bringing their unique brand of indie rock to life in front of a full house. As they work on their full length album and experiment with new sounds, FMJ will be releasing a series of musical doodles on their Soundcloud page over the next few months and we’re stoked to be premiering the first one. “Humanzoo” demonstrates yet another dimension of the group’s creativity as they delve into psychedelic territory. Combining far-out vocal sampling, playful synths and syncopated percussion with their always smooth guitar work, FMJ create a tune that brings to mind the oddly infectious allure of Radiohead’s “15 Step.” Listening to their library thus far, it’s pretty remarkable the ever-expanding scope of styles Feed Me Jack have successfully traversed and “Humanzoo” bodes well for what’s to come. Vibe above and follow them on Soundcloud for more.

P.S. If you’re digging this track, check out our recent interview with FMJ here.

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[Psych-Rock] Tandem Felix – Nothing I Do Will Ever Be Good Enough

Tandem Felix
Nothing I Do Will Ever Be Good Enough

‘Nothing I Do Will Ever Be Good Enough’ from Dublin four-piece Tandem Felix gives us a taste of Comma, a new project they’re set to release on April 27th via imprint Trout Records. It’s a time of transition for the band who has been releasing music periodically for the last four years. Pairing both country and psych-rock throughout, their new EP will be a treasure chest especially for fans of both Sparklehorse and Wilco. Comprised of David A. Tapley (Guitar / Vocals), Evan Keogh (Bass), Éna Brennan (Violin), and Jeffrey Courtney (Drums), Tamden Felix have found their defining sound that shall take them to new heights. Head over to Soundcloud and dive into their impressive catalogue.

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