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[Soul] D’Angelo & The Vanguard – Black Messiah (Album)

D'Angelo Official
Sugah Daddy (Red Bull 20 Before 15)

It’s been nearly 15 years since D’Angelo‘s classic sophomore album, Voodoo, and, up until recently, many fans had given up on the possibility of a new album from the wildly talented singer/songwriter. Over the last year or so, though, D’Angelo has slowly been reintroducing himself through live performances hinting at a new project. Over the weekend, the rumors crystalized quickly leading up to Questlove‘s announcement that fans would be getting a new D’Angelo record far sooner than expected. At midnight last night, Black Messiah arrived in Beyonce-esque flash-release fashion with widespread positive first impressions both critically and around social media. The 12-track record truly does not disappoint striking the perfect balance between funk and soul cultivating an incredible groove from start to finish perfect for soothing the Monday blues. Black Messiah could not come at a better time providing an uplifting and politically conscious voice in a time when tensions run high in the US. Check out the funky “Sugah Daddy” above and read D’Angelo’s powerful explanation of his vision for the album below:

It’s about people rising up in Ferguson and in Egypt and in Occupy Wall Street and in every place where a community has had enough and decides to make change happen. It’s not about praising one charismatic leader but celebrating thousands of them. Not every song on this album is politically charged (though many are), but calling this album Black Messiah creates a landscape where these songs can live to the fullest. Black Messiah is not one man. It’s a feeling that, collectively, we are all that leader.

Black Messiah is available for purchase/streaming on iTunes and Spotify now.

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