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[NEW] Ratatat – Nightclub Amnesia


Ratatat‘s forthcoming, highly-anticipated album, Magnifique, has been more than living up to its hype thus far. The first two jams shared, “Cream on Chrome” and “Abrasive,” see the legendary Brooklyn duo building out steady, and undeniably infectious, grooves with their signature guitar. “Nightclub Amnesia,” which dropped just this morning, continues in that tradition but proves the most dynamic, hard-hitting single from the project yet. Starting with glitchy synths and fuzzy guitar the song only grows from there developing into a disorienting, yet dance-floor ready, composition. As its name suggests, the “Nightclub Amnesia” evokes feelings of intoxication and euphoria once again displaying Ratatat’s one-of-a-kind sound. Magnifique drops in 10 days, on July 17th, and can be pre-ordered here.

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Coachella 2015 – Must See Acts [TMN EDITORS’ PICKS]

TMNCoachThe spectacle and legend of Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival seems to grow every year and, although it’s certainly reached a critical mass at this point, it proves time and time again to be worth the trip. After breaking box office records for consecutive years, Coachella continues blazing ahead in 2015 with a deep, diverse lineup and some of their most ambitious projects to date including their largest investment in art installations ever. With the first weekend kicking off this Friday, the set times for Coachella were finally let loose yesterday bringing up the regular scheduling conflicts and tough decisions. To make things easier for you all, we’ve decided to lay out our top acts to see every day chronologically. We hope this serves as a useful guide as you prepare for the whirlwind of emotion that is Coachella. Best advice we can give you all: keep good company, don’t sweat (figuratively, of course, perspiration is imminent) and most importantly be safe. Hope to run in to some of you ninjas there!

P.S. We didn’t forget the Do Lab! You can find our Do Lab picks on the final page.

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[NEW] Kid Cudi – Love

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi has been showcasing his versatile talents outside of music recently–from starring in acclaimed Sundance films to joining the cast of Comedy Bang Bang. Even with a budding acting career, though, he recently announced  that he’ll be working on the long anticipated next chapter in the Man on the Moon series with the same team of collaborators who helped created his classic debut. This morning, Cudder took to Soundcloud to sneak release a new loosie titled “love.” Keeping the throwback vibes alive, Dot Da Genius, the producer behind “Day and Night” among other hits, adds to Cudi’s own production featuring a Ratatat sample making the perfect backdrop for his signature swooning, uplifting vocals. The chorus on this one erupts into stadium-worthy proportions and the layering of Ratatat guitar riffs add to that epic sound. Hopefully we’ll hear MOTM3 sooner rather than later but this should do a great job holding fans over until then.

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[Fresh/Experimental] Ratatat Releases LP4 June 4th + New Tracks

ratatat lp4 review.jpg
Ratatat – DRUGS

’02 DRUGS.mp3′

Prepare yourself because on June 8th, New York City electro due, Ratatat will finally be releasing their full-lenth LP4. They recorded the album at the same Old Soul Studios in Catskill, N.Y., where, as Paste describes it, is where they found the wealth of old synths, harpsichords, grand pianos, and other keyboard instruments evident throughout the last effort.

Ratatat – Grape Juicy City

The duo consisting of guitarist Mike Stroud and synthesizer, bass player, and producer Evan Mast, were my first introduction to the experimental genre with their synthesized /electronic/ experimental/ trip/hop style. They are able to produce multi-instrumental beats that are not only non-intrusive but incredibly organic. No matter how synthesized some of the melodies may appear, their music stays grounded to a genuine acoustic feel that makes the entire experience feel very natural. Ratatat caters to everyone, using enough rhythmic bass lines to please hip/hop fans of the like of Kid Cudi, while still creating provocative and melodic psychedelic guitar solos for the hardcore experimental junkies.

Ratatat – BARE FEAST
Ratatat – MAHALO

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