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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 275)

Only a few more weeks until 2017 officially comes to a close. As we move through the calendar each Friday we tack on more free downloads for you to enjoy over the weekends. If you’ve been following us all year, that means you have quite a deep library filled with gems. If you’re just stopping by, then hopefully this week’s collection is enough to get you to stick around with us each week. The latest songs we’ve gathered come from Kaizen, Space Race, Rell The Soundbender, Jinco, Ray Volpe, Minnesota and more. All together they should serve you well while you shake off the week from your mind. Let loose, relax; whatever you do, enjoy!

’Kaizen – Bloom (Radio Edit)’
’WAJU – Good Company Ft ELIONA’
’Post Malone – Congratulations (ft. Quavo) (Space Race Bootleg)’
’Humble – Skrillex Remix (Rell The Soundbender x Lvndo Bootleg Remix)’
’Jinco –

’The Gooniees – Do That Shit’
’Fatesky – Back To The Fire’
’Element The City –

’Gammer – Stay Tonight ft. Dylan Matthew (Ray Volpe Remix)’
’Minnesota – Dark Crystal’
’Oolacile & Spock – OMG’
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[Dubstep] Ray Volpe – Reality EP

Ray Volpe is charging forward through 2017 with a brand new EP entitled Reality. Complete with four tracks, including the previously released title track some of you may have heard, this EP sees Ray bringing his sound to new heights and territories.

It begins with the hybrid bass “Reality” then moves onward to “Waiting,” a dirty dub single that you can tell Ray really had some fun with. Next comes “Mind Games” which continues with the style of the previous track, but brings a bit of a different flavor to the sound. Lastly, Ray goes future bass with the vibey original “Hunt Me Down” that he sings over as well. All in all it’s a fantastic EP that you can grab on digital stores today.

’Mind Games’
’Hunt Me Down’
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[Hybrid] Ray Volpe – Reality


On September 5th, Ray Volpe will be releasing his EP Reality. Luckily, you don’t have to sit and wait until that date with nothing to show for it. Ray’s dropped the title track and if you pre-order the EP on iTunes, you’ll instantly get a copy of the song.

Ray goes all out hybrid with song, bringing trap and dubstep together in epic fashion. “Reality” also sees the producer jump back into the driver seat as the vocalist on the project, which is something he’s increasingly done over the past year or so. The top notch sound design is the highlight for us on this one though. Ray’s always managed to keep his technical skills at the top of the game and they’ve gotten him where he’s at today alongside his talent for emotional songwriting.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 254)

An applause is needed for Friday. Instead of clapping, let’s celebrate with some good ol’ free downloads, shall we? This week we have another batch of twelve records for you to enjoy as you let loose over the weekend. Usually, we have a mix of everything, but it just happens that we did away with any house tracks and are going hard with mostly cut time records. That doesn’t mean we only have trap/dubstep for you, as there are a handful of tunes including Dusty Bits breakbeat masterpiece that shake things up. Other artists you will find here include Two Friends, Ray Volpe, We’re Not Friends, Willy Joy, Party Thieves and more. Stream all twelve, download all twelve and enjoy the 2.5 days that make up your weekend (Friday counts as half, but make it count as a whole by going as hard as humanly possible).

’KYLE ft. Lil Yachty – iSpy (Two Friends Remix)’
’Alexandre – Wit It (Original Mix)’
’Ray Volpe – Spirit Squad (with Krys Talk)’
’Mr. Skeleton & Severet – Get You’
’Gladez – Pull Up’
’We’re Not Friends – Spell Book’
’heRobust & MONXX – Giant Squiddim (Dusty Bits Remix)’
’Willy Joy – CAN U BOUNCE’
’Wells & Party Thieves – Realm’
’Growlz & Holly – Planet X’
’Big N Slim –

’Warez – Fuck That’
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[Dubstep] Ray Volpe – Bermuda


Ray Volpe just doesn’t let up. He never has in all the time that I have known him over the years. Although he is still young, he has matured into one of the most impressive dubstep producers you can find. He’s making moves, but he’s always down to give back to his fans, which he has done with the freely downloadable “Bermuda” single.

“Bermuda” is easily one of his top tunes. His dynamic sound design plagues the production and his song-writing continues to improve. It’s always been good, but he blows our mind time and time again. A lot of dubstep can be solely focused on the sounds, but Ray always keeps it musical, doing his best at both and succeeding without a hitch. 2017 will be a massive year for him and we can’t wait to hear what else he has in store. Stream, download and enjoy.

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[Dubstep] Ray Volpe – Overflow


The young stud Ray Volpe is currently making moves. He’s always been making great records, but now the next phase in his journey has begun. He’s been picked up by the good people over at Slvyvll, and just released his first record since being signed to his new management. That single is “Overflow.”

One thing that may be overflowing soon are requests for more Ray Volpe, whether it be for his music on the internet, or in real life via shows. With “Overflow” we get Ray’s classic sound, an upbeat, emotional work of dubstep that the he even lends his own vocal to. An all around talent, Ray is someone who is going to be doing some really big things over the course of 2017. Personally, it’s been a pleasure seeing him grow for so long, and we wish only the best to him. For those of your reading, do yourself a favor and follow this dude. Secondly as far as favors go, Ray went ahead and did you a solid by dropping this as a free download.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 213)

Who’s ready to party? We hope everyone of you will answer yes, but if not, we hope it’s because you are choosing to relax instead. Work isn’t for the weekend; our hearts go out to all of you who have to bring the week into the weekend. No matter what your circumstances are, we have a collection of dope free downloads for you. In fact, we have a dozen of them. Works in this week’s Friday Party Playlist come to us from producers like LEViT∆TE, Taylor Thomas, Ray Volpe, Seek N Destroy and many more. Ranging from future to trap to house, this week’s got a lot going on. Dive right in and enjoy your weekend. If you find yourself in party mode, don’t forget to #danceirresponsibly.

’WNWD – Set Me Free’
’The Chainsmokers – Closer Ft. Halsey (Hearts x Fransis Derelle x Convex Remix Ft. Dustin Cook)’
’Kwon – Forever’
’LEViT∆TE – New Breed’
’Eyes Wide Open feat. Dustin Lyon’
’Lexy Panterra – Lit (Ray Volpe Remix)’
’Seek N Destroy – KMS’
’Old Life’
’Sooki – Tonight (Original Mix)’
’Balance (Remix)’
’Rudy Zensky – Prime (Original Mix)’
’Relentless (Original Mix)’
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