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[Indie] DEVOTED – Santa Fe feat. Billionaire

Santa Fe feat. Billionaire

I have never been to Santa Fe, but DEVOTED‘s new single that shares the same name makes me want to go. Released on his label Record Record, “Santa Fe” sees the owner collaborating with Billionaire for a laidback indie electronic crossover single.

“Santa Fe” is one of those songs that you truly lose yourself in. You lose track of time, you don’t know how long it’s been, but the only thing in your mind is you hope the song isn’t over soon. Thank goodness for the repeat button. DEVOTED delivered something that feels organic; it’s not hard to imagine this one being played out live. You’re definitely going to want to get a copy of this one, so make sure to do so through the digital store of your choice after listening.

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[Electronic] Record Record presents: Filet Mignon 5

Very few things this year will be as grand as Filet Mignon 5 from Record Record. Not only is it a massive compilation with a total of sixteen tracks, but it’s out as a free download. No gate, no bull, just free music from the French label.

For fans of music with identity, this is a treasure chest full of jewels. There isn’t a single bad song on this project, which is tough to come by even when someone is putting out an EP. Filet Mignon 5 is so much more than that with works from Acaer, Born Dirty, Aazar and so many more. If you sleep on this one, you’re only hurting yourself. Record Record pulled out all the stops when curating this LP.

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