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[Electronic] Dropout – No Scrubs (feat. Wendy Sarmiento) REMIXES EP

The Santa Barbara duo Dropout recently came out with a remix pack for their cover/remix of “No Scrubs.” The name might ring a bell if you’re a a 90’s kid (or older) as it was the illustrious 1999 hit by TLC. Dropout brought it forward into contemporary times alongside singer Wendy Sarmiento and now have some extra takes of the tune.

Dropout enlisted five acts to flip the record. With remixes from Decoy!, FunkShop, Jack Trades, MÖWE and Nector spanning such genres as future bass and both deep and progressive house, this remix EP is full of fun Summer songs that all play with the same vocal. We enjoy all five takes, but to us the MÖWE one sticks out the most. Have a listen for yourself and see which one is your favorite.

’No Scrubs (Decoy! Remix)’
’No Scrubs (FunkShop Remix)’
’No Scrubs(Jack Trades Remix)’
’No Scrubs (MÖWE Remix)’
’No Scrubs (Nector Remix)’
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[Electronic] Autograf – Dead Soon Remixes EP

The good ol’ creatives that make up Autograf have recently unveiled remixes for their single “Dead Soon” that’s still gaining its own steam. Augmenting the heat are three remixers who have completely different takes on the original. They’re all fire and all flips the original deserved.

First we kick things off with a future bass cut from Scorsi that rides its wave of synths right into the pleasure centers of your brain. Next comes Detroit’s Golf Clap with one of the coolest, grooviest remixes we’ve heard in a bit. Lastly, the Birthdayy Partyy twins turn up the energy to astonishing levels with their bass-driven take that pays homage to the electro house sounds of the 2012 era, while bringing everything forward to 2018. All together, this is an EP you need in your library.

PS, if you didn’t check the chill mix, we’ve got you covered here too 😉

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SIRMA – To Love (Remixes) [TMN Premiere]

Today us ninjas have a special premiere for you from SIRMA. The Turkish songstress tapped a handful of producers to remix some of her tracks for the To Love (Remixes) project and we have them for you exclusively here.

Four remixes in total make up the project with works from Instant Karma, Salt Cathedral, Mallow and Pretty Sister. With some house, a mix of future and some work that can’t be pinned down to a genre, this remix EP was done right. Not only do you get a fresh mix of sounds, but you get some quality cuts that aren’t cop-out remixes. SIRMA and company curated this one nicely and it shows. The result is one magical EP that you get first listen to in the dojo!

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[Electronic] OIJ feat. Gia Koka – Back To The Start Remixes EP

After OIJ‘s release of his single “Back To The Start” with Gia Koka, he and his Epic Amsterdam team wanted to gather together some remixes. They did what they set out to do, commissioning three official remixes from Y.V.E. 48, Joshua J and Paul Hazendonk.

Y.V.E. 48 starts off the remix EP with a laid-back, future tinged flip whose cool vibes will bring a chill to your bones. Joshua J comes through next with his take on “Back To The Start” that shares a similar style to the previous remix, however Joshua takes future to heart and brings the genre out more vibrantly. Lastly, Paul Hazendonk switches everything up by bringing his deep, techy take on OIJ’s original. Enjoy all three today and let us know which take on “Back To The Start” was your favorite!

’OIJ ft. Gia Koka – Back To The Start (Y.V.E. 48 Remix)’
’OIJ ft. Gia Koka – Back To The Start (Joshua J Remix)’
’OIJ ft. Gia Koka – Back To The Start (Paul Hazendonk Remix)’
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[Multi-Genre] Two Friends & Exit Friendzone ft. Natalola – Overdose Remixes

Armada Music gets behind a lot of great projects and what we have for you today is one of them. Two Friends and Exit Friendzone put together an impressive remix pack for their single “Overdose.” The EP includes four remixes that utilize the original vocal from Natalola while doing justice to the full first release.

The project starts off with CRWNS, whose vibey future take on “Overdose” is a strong beginning step for the EP. Secondly, Sokko kicks things into a slightly different gear with a light-hearted breakbeat jam. And it is a jam. We knew we were getting into something good when we saw Jameston Thieves on the list. His remix is the most unique and energetic on the project; a standout as usual. Lastly, the talented Jinco closes it out with a trappy, future blend that has a lot of appeal to a wide audience. Want a copy of these remixes? Head over to the digital store of your choice.

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[Electro-Pop] Tei She – Bassically (HONNE Remix)

Tei Shi
Bassically (HONNE Remix)

Shortly after announcing a few festival plays this summer, Tei She unveils an official remix of her single ‘Bassically’. Emerging UK duo HONNE administers a clean and pleasant demolition that only further cements both artists into our minds. These particular three minutes and thirty one seconds are a luxury experience. This is an extremely polite collaboration. It will make you rise. Tei She will release her EP Verde on April 13th via Double Denim Records. Pre-order here. She will also be supporting Jungle on a couple of UK shows, including the last of their tour at London’s Brixton Academy.

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DJ SoySauce – Broken Record ft. Joni Fatora (Louis The Child Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Broken Record (feat. Joni Fatora) (Louis The Child Remix)

Now that the cats out of the bag about DJ SoySauce’s true identity (1/2 of the project is Royals), we can’t help but feel the anxiety within us come to a subtle end. The anonymity behind that project drove us through the wall and into a realm of high blood pressure and insomnia. Now that that’s finally over, we can go back to sharing the latest internet-breaking tune from TMN favorite’s, Louis The Child, and their sensational remix of DJ SoySauce’s, “Broken Record” featuring Joni Fatora.

Louis The Child are a couple of young kids who just happen to have quite the knack for producing…and slaying the Hype Machine charts like a Nord slays a dragon in Skyrim. Today we are absolutely thrilled to be premiering their remix of “Broken Record” and can confidently say that this is one of the most phenomenal pieces they’ve crafted yet. Without straying too far from the original, Louis The Child transform this DJ Soysauce gem into a head bobbing, futuristic, hella fun anthem of 2015. Filled with beautifully side-chained synths, a cheerful progression, and fun little breakdowns to make us feel like we’re 6 years old in a candy store, LTC give us a delicious new rendition to make our ears and mouth crave more. As we try to find a remedy to settle this sweet tooth (other than the repeat button and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s), make sure you pick up your free download and add an extra scoop of happiness to your day because LTC is about to boost your mood like never before.

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