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[BASS] Ren Zukii – 10 Hour Shower

In the eclectic world of experimental bass music, Ren Zukii, also known as Rene Snow, has emerged as a vibrant and refreshing voice. The 26-year-old producer from West Australia’s serene Margaret River has just dropped her latest single, “10 Hour Shower,” under the WAKAAN label, marking a thrilling end to the year.

“10 Hour Shower” is more than just a new track; it’s a reflection of Zukii’s journey and growth as an artist – it’s the story behind the music that truly resonates. This single is an expression of Zukii’s evolution, blending her early experiences with her current expertise in a melody that’s both familiar and fresh.

Zukii’s journey into the heart of electronic music started early in her scenic hometown, known for its waves and laid-back vibe. It was here, at the age of 12, that she first encountered the pulsating rhythms of Drum & Bass, sparking a lifelong love affair with electronic. This initial spark grew into a flame as she began DJing at 18, immersing herself in the vibrant world of music.

Furthering her passion, Zukii enrolled at the SAE Institute when she was 21, a decision that catalyzed her transformation from a music enthusiast to a creator. Here, she began forging her unique sound, drawing inspiration from the likes of Ivy Lab, Eprom, Alix Perez, and Flying Lotus. Her style is distinctly her own – a fusion of experimental tones and textures that could be picked out of a lineup.

As Ren Zukii continues to carve her niche in the electronic music scene, her latest offering is a reminder of her roots and the artistic path she’s traveled. “10 Hour Shower” celebrates not just how far she’s come, but how far she will go from here.

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