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[Music Video] Revoke – Don’t Leave the Light On (feat. Tom Cantillon)

When an artist branches out, it’s a great thing. Some fans don’t like it, but even if they don’t make something exceptional, we can at least appreciate their desire for growth and creative adventure. Luckily, when Revoke chilled things out with his new single “Don’t Leave the Light On,” he created yet another amazing record that we love. Not only that, but we get a music video for it!

“Don’t Leave the Light On” is a total diversion for Revoke. It’s more of an indie record than a dance one, which is totally fine by us. Tom Cantillon did an incredible job with his vocal performance, pushing this one over the top. The music video is a straightforward juxtaposition of imagery between a relationship at different stages. We see innocent kids together playing, as well as their adult counterparts. Enjoy the video today, and head over to iTunes for a copy of the single.

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[Trap] Lenka – Blue Skies (REVOKE Remix)


Shining through “Blue Skies” is the Venice producer John Khetchian, also known as REVOKE. Trap is on a lot in the dojo, and every so often there’s a track that really sticks out to us, and this is one of them. REVOKE straight kills it with a huge flip that plays off the festival style, but it doesn’t cheapen itself. Instead, he crafts a juicy treat that you will want to consume over and over again. John is no stranger to producing insane remixes, and with this he lengthens his already strong resume. Lenka and REVOKE make a magical fit together that we’d like to hear more of. “Blue Skies” in its new form will hold us over for a long time, however. Let it do the same for you; click play, and revel in cloud nine.

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