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[House] Rich Furniss, Terry Hunter, James Patterson – Release Yourself

Rich Furniss is truly making waves musically, and not just any kind—these are the kind that catch the attention of house listeners upon impact, whether it may be at home or in the club. Since his start, he’s been on a bit of a whirlwind adventure, weaving his early 2000s roots into something that’s catching the ears of listeners everywhere. With a cool million streams across various platforms, and a hefty slice of that pie (750,000 streams, to be exact) on Spotify, it’s clear he’s doing something right.

But Rich isn’t just about locking himself away in the studio. He’s been out there, lighting up dance floors from the buzzing streets of New York all the way down to the sunny vibes of Miami. Across his career, sharing stages with big names like Diplo and Rick Ross, and making appearances at festivals that draw crowds by the thousands, like SXSW and Governors Ball, he’s shown he’s got what it takes to hang with the best.

Aside from bringing his own style to the world, he’s also the guy behind the curtain, running the show at Sound Collective where he’s all about lifting up the next generation of artists.

Focusing on “Release Yourself,”  Rich has partnered up with James Patterson and the legendary Terry Hunter to create something that’s a bit of a nod to house music’s golden days while still pushing forward. It’s got everything: soulful vocals that stick with you, rhythms that pull you in, and melodies that lift you up. It’s like a musical time machine with its sights set on the future. This track marks a beautiful milestone for Rich, streamlining the purity of house music into one moving experience while colliding it with his own signature sound to help it stick. This many hustles on many fronts, but it all comes from a labor of love and this sensibility distinctly surrounds the fruits of his labor.

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[House] Rich Furniss & Morsy – Desire (feat. Andrew Charles)

Brooklyn’s Rich Furniss is back with friends Morsy and Andrew Charles for the house original “Desire.” Released on Quincy Boy Records, “Desire” is a song that feels like it could have been released at any time during house’s lifespan and still be a hit.

Inspired by classic sounds and 80’s undertones, the record’s tasteful production balances each collaborator’s own style without trying to overdo it. Sometimes a collaboration can feel like its trying to be more than the sum of its parts, but with “Desire” these three manage to achieve that through letting it happen. Of course, we can’t say how it actually came together – but “Desire” is one of those songs that feels just right, and that it was created with a certain flow that all involved tapped into organically.

The energy between Morsy, Buck and I was just natural when making “Desire,” I feel like a balance of all of us are in here. Since starting Rich Furniss in Sept. of 2021, I wouldn’t have envisioned things coming so far so quick or to have the support from bigger artists I love on my music. I am pumped about the future!” – Rich

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Rich Furniss Joins Quincy Boy Operations With LEFTI [TMN Interview]

Over the course of 2023 there’s been a few house heads that have stuck out to us and Rich Furniss is undoubtedly one of them. We’re not the only ones he’s caught the attention of, as on top of his production prowess the NYC talent was recently tapped to join operations of the burgeoning Quincy Boy label by its founder LEFTI.

What a way to cap off the year, yea? Especially considering that 2022 was Rich’s first full year after launching his brand in September 2021. The growth through impeccable records like “Game On” and “Summertime.” To celebrate his big year and the integration with Quincy Boy, we brought both Rich and LEFTI into the dojo for a chat on what’s upcoming, as well as their insights as we move into 2023!

TMN: What advice would you give to other artists who are trying to grow their digital presence on and offline?

LEFTI: Well, I think the way to grow your presence is to show presence. Digitally – you can put out music, DJ mixes, bootlegs, edits, live streams, and network online just by commenting and liking posts. Get involved with the community and just be part of it. As you contribute to the stream, eventually, things will grab and connect. Offline, there is nothing more powerful as an artist or DJ than going out. Go meet people, run into acquaintances, and hopefully, get some introductions and make new ones. Be supportive of others and guarantee you will always meet someone who may connect with you down the line.

Rich: BE YOURSELF. Let your personality shine through in your art. Let it shine through on social media and when you’re out doing shows. Being genuinely yourself will help you create the connection you are looking for.

TMN: How would you describe the vision of Quincy Boy Records?

LEFTI: The vision of Quincy Boy is simple, we just want to put out music we love with people we like. We want to build our own little community of artists and like-minded individuals – that’s really it.

Rich: I just want to do what I love with the people I love. I’m super excited to work even more closely with LEFTI and N2N. I really hope to bring some of my skills to help with events and branding.

TMN: What was one of the coolest or most uplifting moments of this year?

LEFTI: There have been a few. We received some major, MAJOR support from a plethora of A-listers which was incredible to receive, but to be honest, it wasn’t until we really took it to the streets and started putting on events. This was where I personally felt the excitement of the label in more of a “physical” sense. I’ll never forget our first official event which just happened. We walk up to the door guy and he goes, “Oh, YOU are Quincy Boy, there are a bunch of people that were asking about the party on the way in.” I instantly think to myself, “Oh cool, I wonder which of my friends are here,” and to my surprise, I didn’t know a single person in the venue! It was a great moment and an incredible party.

TMN: What are some 2023 goals?

LEFTI: It feels like we are just getting started. Although technically it’s almost two years in, now building things up in the ‘events’ space, we want to see where that takes us as we do have some tiered goals for venues we hope to collab with on a party. Otherwise, we are hoping to get a further reach with our releases as we continue to grow our catalog and roster.

TMN: Looking back, what were some of the best choices that helped you get where you are today?

LEFTI: Believing in yourself and trusting your gut. All of the times I’ve made choices against these concepts, things didn’t work out how I was hoping, and sometimes, it’s intimidating to take matters into your own hands but another choice that has helped me is learning to be as self-sufficient as possible and learning as much as I can both on the technical and business sides of the industry.

Rich: I think for me, it’s all about the community that you surround yourself with both in and out of music. Being around people that inspire you, that dares you to be better, and push you. There are so many people that have helped bring me to where I am today, some that do not even know what an impact they have made. I am thankful for everyone that has been part of my path. This is another reason I am so excited to work on Quincy Boy with LEFTI and N2N.

TMN: What would be your dream label to release on?

Rich: Quincy Boy, of course.

TMN: What most excites you about 2023?

Rich: I’m excited to keep growing, to continue to make better and better music, and to keep growing my community. I truly love what I do, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to keep doing it on bigger and bigger stages. I’m excited about the journey.

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[House] Rich Furniss Drops 2 Summer Heaters

Rich Furniss has quickly become a house head that anyone inclined to the 120-130BPM range needs to keep an eye on. His blend of house and disco is impeccable at the same time that he delivers something interesting time and time again. He’s been on a hot streak lately with a bunch of 2022 records including his latest singles “Summertime” feat. L’marco and “All My Love” feat. Andrew Charles.

We’ll start chronologically with “Summertime” which is a beachy viber that works equally well at a pool party as it does a club. The memorable vocal anthem is a bubbly original that expresses Rich’s groovy nature. “All My Love” is a bit more radio sporting a catchy hook that is hard to get out of your head. It has a bit more energy than his previous, but still maintains groove as the central theme of the production. Both are solid records that continue a slew of releases from one of New York’s most promising.

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[House] Rich Furniss x Morsy – On The Moon

House head Rich Furniss is back alongside fellow New York producer Morsy with the club-ready original “On The Moon.” Released by Global305, this chill vibe is the follow up release to Rich’s “Game On.” Following an even more laidback mood, “On The Moon” is a Summer slapper that oozes that classic house style.

Rich and Morsy’s single is one of those easy listening records that you can just run back several times over. It’s fun, minimal and really captures that old school sound while giving it some updates. You can feel the chemistry between these two friends (of over ten years) and even vividly imagine the setting of the song’s inspiration, which you can read about directly from Rich below.

I had a blast making this song, it came from a moment I had last summer on the ‘Rooftop Of Mr. Purple,’ located on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan. Something about playing poolside and watching a carefree crowd dancing – the visibility of the evening mainly coming from the moonlight.” – Rich Furniss

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[House] Rich Furniss – Game On

New York’s house maestro Rich Furniss has just came out swinging with his masterful original “Game On.” The disco inspired gem is just the right kind of song you need for your playlists as the weather starts to warm up.

Right from the start, you already know just how groovy things are going to get. Rich’s alluring production takes a minimal approach, but he manages to add a certain level of complexity with a plethora of sounds and samples dancing and weaving through the mix. If there was one record we’d deem to call this year, it’d be this one. With a couple of heaters out already this year, Rich is setting himself up nicely to make a major splash once this year is through. Make sure to add “Game On” to your playlists and stay tuned for more!

PS, if you’re still into downloads you can get this one free!

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