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[House] Riordan – Needle On The Record

Riordan, a rising star in the UK house music scene, is gearing up for a significant moment in his career with the upcoming release of “Needle on the Record.” This track, now out, releases under the prestigious Gorgon City’s label “Realm” and is an stark example of Riordan’s growing influence in the genre.

The single exemplifies Riordan’s unique style – a blend of house music with the gritty essence of UK garage (UKG). However, the story behind the music is equally compelling. Riordan, who first experienced the magic of Gorgon City at 16, now finds his work on their label, representing a serious and symbolic milestone in his career.

This track has already garnered significant attention, becoming a standout in the 2023 festival circuit and earning praise from industry figures like Mau P and Seb Zito. Its creation, inspired by the 80s track “Put The Needle On The Record,” highlights Riordan’s creative process – transforming nostalgia into something distinctly modern.

Beyond this single, Riordan’s musical trajectory has been remarkable. He burst onto the scene with his 2022 hit “No Hablo Espanol,” followed by the TikTok viral song “Reflection.” His collaboration with Wax Motif on “La Samba” under Nervous Records only pushes the limits of his potential as well as the expectations of fans and industry heads alike.

Riordan is not just about one track or one style. His journey in the music industry showcases a continuous evolution and a keen ability to resonate with audiences. Riordan is set to cement his place as someone who is not just influenced by, but influencing, the greater dance music scene, with 2024 looking to be nothing short of epic for this young British artist.

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