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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] The 1975 – Chocolate (Song Art + Quote)

The 1975

There are only a few bands that have come along and captivated the blogosphere with each and every release. Yes, UK indie rockers The 1975 have graced your ears on this blog again and again, which is why it’s easy to understand why these quickly rising phenoms are taking the US by storm. America’s collective affinity lies in their catchy hooks, infectious lyrics, and admirable pop structure

With their self-titled debut album hitting record stores in only a few days, The 1975 have given us a sneak peak at the artwork for one of our favorite tracks of the summer, “Chocolate”. Channeling stories of small town trouble into roof-raising guitar pop, The 1975’s deeply personal narratives unfold like a scene in a movie. Cutting through the weed haze, “Chocolate” has become the song that defines the young Manchester band – a rhythmically brilliant call-to-arms that becomes impossible to get out your head after just one listen.

Speaking to us about the song, front-man Matty explains:

Chocolate tells the story of our relationships with the governing authorities of our small town. Smoking weed, smoking anything I suppose, boredom and what ensues when both parties challenge one another. It’s a love letter to boredom, limited opportunities of expressing yourself and embracing and understanding the make up of where you’re from. Musically and structurally it is the blueprint of our output, but I’d need an entire book to discuss that in detail

Pre-order The 1975’s debut here, and if you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should pick it up (which you shouldn’t be), click here and listen to it in full before you purchase.

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[Indie Rock] The 1975 – Milk

The 1975

It seems like every other week we have a tasty musical treat from Manchester indie rockers The 1975. It also seems like every other week we’re clamoring to get a post up as fast as humanly possilbe. Both are true statements have been entirely true as of late, and if you take a minute to listen, it’s not hard to understand why.

Today we have the band’s newest release, “Milk”. which appears on a split 7″ with The Neighbourhood’s “No Grey” that the bands will be selling on the road during their US dates together. We especially enjoyed this tune because it effectively straddled the border of the two sounds the band excels at. On one hand, they’ve developed an amazing knack for creating catchy poppy songs like “Chocolate” and “Sex”. On the other hand, they also have the amazing ability of creating dreamy, down tempo tracks like “Falling for You.”

“Milk” has lyrics that are easy to sing along to, rhythmic drumming and addicting repetitious guitars, but maintain that shoegazey melodic sound that we’ve all come to love.

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[Indie] Coastal Cities – The Voyage

Coastal Cities is an up and coming band from the UK. They formed in 2009 when 3 of the members met in detention at school (talk about life giving you lemons and making lemonade); they recruited the other 2 soon after getting out of detention. Recently, they have released a new single called “The Voyage,” and it’s pure indie gold. It feels like Vampire Weekend had a baby with Foster The People, and that baby was born with British swag. “The Voyage” feels coastal—this is a song I would listen poolside, lakeside, seaside, westside, etc. “Relief” is more energetic and upbeat, but still keeps a coastal summer vibe. Their music is fresh; I can almost smell the salty coastal air while listening to this song. Better yet, it’s free! Grab it while you can, it’s worth at least a few plays this summer.

“The Voyage” and “Relief” are slated to be released 7/30 by Once Upon A Time Records, but “The Voyage” is up to download now.

’Coastal Cities
The Voyage’
’Coastal Cities
Relief (Edit)’
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[Experimental] Zammuto – Too Late to Topologize

Vermont based musician Nick Zammuto got his start in the industry with the Books, has recently released an album with a new project – Zammuto. While they list “rock” as the type of music on their facebook page, it’s hard to categorize it as such. It’s a strange blend of futuristic sounds, vocal effects, and playful melodies.

You can catch Zammuto on tour with Explosions in the Sky.

Zammuto – Too Late to Topologize

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[Electro Rock] Teddybears – No More Michael Jackson

Swedish electro rock nerds Teddybears recently released a new track to kick off a short US tour. Teddybears’ bread and butter has always been ridiculous (and at times entirely non-sensical) electronic feel-good rock, but this one may end up taking the cake. “No More Michael Jackson” is 4 minutes of uptempo drum and synth and completely devoid of Michael Jackson.

I’m sure it was meant to be as irreverent as it seems, considering Teddybears’ trademark style and penchant for tongue-in-cheek humor. And, well… the overall Swedishness of the whole thing. No more Michael Jackson, but lots more Teddybears.

No More Michael Jackson 

Guest post by Chase from Electric Panda Music

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Broken Social Scene: Forgiveness Rock Record

Broken Social Scene
Right when Broken Social Scene hit their stride with You Forgot It In People and especially on their self-titled third album, they sounded like a band that could fly apart at any second. Those albums sounded like anything could happen, and it usually did… sultry R&B breakdowns, gorgeous ambient segues, skittering electronic production…rap interludes. Five years later, the Canadian supergroup has returned under the production of Tortoise mastermind John McEntire and emerged with the leanest, most straight-ahead rock record of their career. With Forgiveness Rock Record the listener is finally able to pin down the influences of bandleaders Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. On the Canning-fronted numbers “Water in Hell” and “Highway Slipper Jam,” classic rock elders (or near-contemporaries) hold commanding sway. Drew, half dirty-talking-ladies-man, half world-weary-scholar, writes songs that go straight for the gut. Penning slow-building rockers like the excellent first single “World Sick” and the super-tight “Forced to Love,” Drew is in full command as a band leader, his voice acting as a voracious instrument itself, emotionally transparent and incredibly expressive. Read full review at inyourspeakers.com

Broken Social Scene – Sweetest Kill


Broken Social Scene – World Sick

’Broken Social Scene – 01 World Sick.mp3′
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[Soft Indie Pop] Looking Back at The Rosebuds

How does music like this come out of somewhere like North Carolina? A hauntingly beautiful vocal (sung by The Rosebuds Duo of Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp) is backed up by an equally beautiful guitar riff and a reverb heavy drum kit make this one of the most impressive songs that nobody knows about. The dark tone of ‘Life LIke’ is put together so nicely that it can be put together on repeat. So put it on repeat. Just hope that in the future The Rosebuds get a good marketing team behind them and maybe a good remix or two.

the-rosebuds-life-like-cover-4598The Rosebuds – Life Like

’01 Life Like.mp3′

The Rosebuds-Nice Fox


The Rosebuds – Get Up, Get Out (Bon Iver Remix)

’The Rosebuds – Get Up Get Out (Bon Iver Remix) ‘

The Hood Internet – None Shall Get Up Get Out (Aesop Rock Vs. The Rosebuds Mash-Up)
’The Hood Internet – None Shall Get Up Get Out (Aesop Rock Vs. The Rosebuds Mash
Up) ‘
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