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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 277)

Friday is finally here. Christmas is just a few days away and you’re likely going to be traveling or partying it up before you have to spend time with your family. For any and all of those occasions we’ve got you covered with music – and don’t worry there’s no holiday jams in this. Fresh free downloads in this week’s volume come to us from Mozado, Kaizen, Ryden, BROHUG, Kedzie and many more. All twelve of these treats should satisfy your aural palate for the weekend. We’ll be back next week with another batch, but for now – Merry Christmas!

’BOiCE, Feline – Soaking Lovers’
’Mozado – Home For The Night ft. Rosé’
’Kaizen –

’Another One Bites the Dust (I am Sid Remix)’
’Ryden – Shining (ft. Rapta)’
’Tchami – World To Me (KOOS Remix)’
’Kedzie & Superwet – Venom (Original Mix)’
’Doctor P – Tetris (Casey Jones X Bassly Flipped It)’
’MY BAD – Trouble (feat. Delaney Kai)’
’Kelela – Frontline (Heritage Bootleg)’
’Hajj – Pay Homage Remix’
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[Music Video] Ryden – The Recipe

Ryden certainly has the recipe for success. She’s been cooking up hot tracks on her own, pushing her project independently on a route that could take her to some big places in music. Her newest release is her biggest endeavor yet, a hip-hop hybrid called “The Recipe” that has its own music video, directed by Ryden herself.

Videos aren’t something new to Ryden as she’s put together trailers for her tracks previously. However, now we’ve got a full fledged music video that is anything but a simple DYI project, despite Ryden actually doing it herself. It’s a major project, with some impressive shots and locations. For the song, Ryden amps up her hip-hop meets trap sound for something even more edgier than her previous works. All in all, both creative halves of “The Recipe” are on point.

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[Trap] Ryden – Murderer


Ryden is back. Every time she comes out with something, our eyes and ears are at the ready. Today she kicks up an interesting tune for the holiday called “Murderer” that is anything but your average V-Day song. In fact, she’s deemed it an “anti-love” song, paying it forward to people in need of their own individual breakthroughs.

With Ryden, you can always expect true art. Her creations are filled with her own experiences in life, something some creators aren’t too open about doing; or if they do, they water things down a bit to fit the mold they are going for. Ryden and especially “Murderer” aren’t watered down a bit. With this single we get to see her usual orchestral influenced sound that is quite striking in contrast to a lot of work coming out today. She is an artist paving her own way and that’s something we can respect. Get “Murderer” today on the digital service of your choosing.

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[Trap] Ryden – Unbroken


Ryden is a true artist. She’s not here for the hype, she’s here because she has some messages to express with the hope of connecting to listeners in a meaningful way. She’s already put out two amazing singles and now she’s here with “Unbroken.”

Hip-hop has permeated all of Ryden’s work prior to this, so it isn’t so surprising she would keep that trend going. With “Unbroken” we get what I would say is her best track yet, which abides by her second trend of topping each previous release. Ryden dips a bit more into the EDM style of trap with this one, making it not only an emotional roller coaster, but a banger in every form of the word. It’s hard to keep a balance between connecting with people on a deep level and making them rage, but Ryden does so with ease. Grab “Unbroken” today for free.

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[Hip-Hop] Ryden – Ready


We’re happy to provide you with the information that Ryden is back with another big original. Not only do you get the information, but you get the single. You ready? Good, because “Ready” is here and it came as a free download.

First we got the illustrious “Dear God,” but now we see Ryden stepping into the booth as the emcee. She’s an all-around talent, and “Ready” shows that in full. Her production style has underground written all over it, but it’s totally accessible with a special signature sound that it seems only Ryden can provide. She’s raw, rugged and completely on fire in every aspect of “Ready” and it has us ready for more. She’s only released two singles under this venture, but more will come. Before those get here, turn up the volume and throw this anthem on repeat. Most importantly, don’t forget to grab the free download above!

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[Hip-Hop/Rap] Ryden ft. Chase Allen – Dear God

Ryden ft. Chase Allen
"Dear God"

Looking for a new artist to shake up your world? Enter Ryden. This dynamic Los Angeles creator is not here to mess around in the slightest. You could take that from her skills, of which there are many, or you can take it from her earnest single “Dear God” featuring Chase Allen.

Although Ryden can flex as an emcee/vocalist, she lets Chase take the reigns on the spoken front, leading us into a thoughtful, expressive performance that is going to have you replaying the track over and over just to catch every little syllable. Each is packed with a punch that is augmented by iconic speeches from the likes of Jesse Williams, Malcom X and Robert Kennedy. Musically, Ryden sets the stage with a dark, ominous mood that feels as though it is engulfing you. “Dear God” was meant to take a stand, and it certainly gets its message across. It’s one incredible piece of art that you can luckily download for free. Do it, and share it.

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