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[Dubstep] Savant – Rex

Savant (Official)

It’s been a long time coming since Savant released a full project, but that project is finally here. Today we will share with you a single track off of the producer’s long awaited album, Jester, which was independently released on April 17th. In an attempt to push Spotify, only a few of the fourteen total songs were put on Soundcloud, including “Rex” which we have below.

“Rex” is fraught with Savant’s iconic style. His love for classic video game sounds come out strong and heavy in this bass-boosted dubstep hit. Playful and enticing, “Rex” was one of our favorite songs on a project packed with goodies. Savant’s ability to give fans a taste of what they want, mixed with what he wants has always been a strength of his from a song-writing angle, whether intentional or not. “Rex” sees Savant moving forward with his sound, while also not delving away from who he is, something that is now common among producers (thanks future bass). Check out “Rex” below and make sure to check out the full LP on iTunes.

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[Electronic] Savant – SURPRISE

Savant (Official)

We are more than pleased to tell you that Savant has returned. After a two year hiatus one of dance music’s most talented producers is back. It was a surprise to many, which is why the Norwegian has called his single “SURPRISE.” As straightforward as that is, the actual song is not.

“SURPRISE” can’t be pinned down to one genre; not because it blends styles together, but because it travels from one to the next to the next. At first we get what seems to be a jolly, upbeat house record, similar to something you may find from artists on Ultra and Spinnin, but things change and they change in a big way. With the second drop we dive straight into some cosmic dubstep that is completely unexpected (sorry for the spoiler). As if that wasn’t enough, Savant hits us with some fresh electro basslines that will get you grooving. After that, things come full circle and the track is complete. Get ready for this wild ride and make sure to grab a copy of the song off iTunes.

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[Disco-House] Savant – Good Times

Norwegian producer Aleksander Vinter, better known as Savant, is an absolute workhorse when it comes to delivering a steady flow of amazing tracks. One glance at his Soundcloud page is enough to prove this, with constant uploads of demos, edits, and fully-produced releases, many of which are free to download such as this one. It’s a wonder that someone who can generate music in such sheer volumes and in such little time as Savant can continually create stuff worth talking about. While his previous discography has showcased his knack for the dubstep and complextro genres, this artist’s workrate allows him plenty of opportunity to dabble in other styles if he so chooses. In the case of this latest release, Savant experiments with a touch of disco, yeilding a result that could conceivably convince any listener that this was his natural sound all along. Expertly integrating samples from Prince, Good Times does as its title suggests, exerting positive sentiments and invoking nostalgic tones to create an overall ‘feel-good’ vibe. Rest assured that if he manages to sustain the incredible levels of productivity he’s been displaying lately, this won’t be the last you’ll hear from Savant on behalf of The Music Ninja team.

’Savant feat Prince – Good Times’
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