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Marc Benjamin & Regilio – Thunder [TMN Premiere]

Today we’ve got the only “Thunder” you’ll be wanting. Marc Benjamin and Regilio‘s upcoming single will be released on Size Records tomorrow, but today we’re offering you an exclusive early listen.

“Thunder” is an electrifying electro house track that cuts back to when this style took over festivals across the world a few years ago. Together the producer’s give it some contemporary flash and flare for an unforgettable single. As we mentioned previously, “Thunder” will be out in full tomorrow, but you can enjoy this premiere all day a day early in the dojo.

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Havoc & Lawn, Anderblast – Genesi [TMN Premiere]

Get your dancing shoes on, we’ve got a treat for you in the dojo. Havoc & Lawn alongside Anderblast created “Genesi” that will be released on SIZE Records. Together the duos join us in the dojo to premiere the song early.

“Genesi” is a club-friendly house record that has a classic sound to it. They no doubt take influence from the early warehouse rave days of dance music, but they also infuse a newer vibe that brings the style forward to contemporary times. With the best of both worlds, “Genesi” is a beast that we couldn’t pass up on. Have an early listen and make sure to grab a copy tomorrow when the song is out in full.

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Sonny Wharton – Vice [TMN Premiere]

With Spring here and Summer approaching, that means bring out the house tracks with all the good vibes you can handle. Today we have such a treat from Sonny Wharton, whose new record “Vice” comes out tomorrow on SIZE Records. Instead of making you wait until tomorrow, we’ve partnered up for this premiere to let you stream the song a day early!

“Vice” is just what you want with warm weather. It doesn’t take much to imagine yourself in a few weeks, chilling outside with a drink in your hands with “Vice” playing about. Sonny’s vivacious single is an energetic expression with a sound that is reminiscent of some classic tunes. Bustling percussion beat away while an array of subtle elements fill out the grooving soundscape. Enjoy “Vice” today and make sure to hop on the single when it drops in full tomorrow!

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