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[Trap] Skan Feat. M.I.M.E – Mia Khalifa

Skan Ft. M.I.M.E
Mia Khalifa

There’s one track that has been making its rounds heavily over the internet this past week. “Mia Khalifa” by Skan and M.I.M.E dropped this heater as a free download recently and given it’s name and how impressive it actually is, people are sharing it like crazy. A lot of times when artists push a track out for virality, they miss the mark with the actual song, but here the acts come through with something worth a listen.

With this original we get a solid mix of genres together. M.I.M.E brings hip-hop to the table with his fiery rap performance, while Skan dips between hybrid trap and even moombah to give this track extra life you wouldn’t expect. The song, as you may imagine given who it is about, gets pretty NSFW quite quickly. Definitely a weekend track you’ll rage to rather than something you share with your boss at work.

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