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[Tech House] skemaddox, Benwah – lessride

Skemaddox, from Los Angeles, has effortlessly moved from DJing to producing his angle of electronic music that truly resonates with listeners from all walks of life. His evolution from DJ to producer highlights his unique and recognizable sound, this guy has been around the block – honing in his diverse skillset to take things to the next level that it’s meant to be.

On the other hand, Bennett Papier, known as Benwah, comes from New Jersey with a deep love for the experimental edges of dance music. Influenced by UK Garage, house, and 2-step, Benwah’s style seamlessly bridges the gap between energetic club tracks and relaxed listening experiences. This blend has helped him carve out a unique space in the dance music scene.

Their latest collaboration, ‘Lessride,’ is a bass-heavy, wub-filled tech house track that’s perfect for taking any DJ set to that higher state we all seek when we are at the club – creating an unforgettable night and stamping in a lasting memory.

Hear the song for yourself directly below.

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[Tech House] On Deck, skemaddox – IDEK (feat. Ally Rayne)

“IDEK” brings forth gorgeous house  vibes that instantly turns heads, intricately crafted by On Deck, skemaddox, and Ally Rayne. This track is built on a foundation of subtle yet powerful basslines, setting the stage for a deeply engaging listening experience. Ally Rayne’s vocals offer a seductive quality, leading into a drop that embraces raw, synth-driven soundscapes. The collaboration between these artists produces a sound that captures the unique energy of nightclub atmospheres and then some.

On Deck contributes his extensive experience in the music industry, including his roles at Night Moves Music and Brooklyn Fire, as well as his time as the host of Audio Foreplay on Insomniac Radio. His background, which spans A&R work for Brooklyn Fire and affiliations with major labels like Universal Music Group, Insomniac Records, and Ultra Records, adds a layer of depth and professionalism to “IDEK.”

Skemaddox, based in Los Angeles, has evolved from a well-known DJ in Hollywood’s elite venues to a respected producer within the electronic music arena. His contribution to “IDEK” showcases his skill in merging classic electronic components with his own unique flair, marking a significant step in his artistic journey.

The collaboration of On Deck and Skemaddox, alongside Ally Rayne’s vocal charm, results in “IDEK” – a track displays the talents of its creators but also pays tribute to the shared experiences found within the walls of nightclubs. This piece exemplifies how individual artistry can come together to reflect the vibrant spirit of club culture.

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