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[Electronic] WRLD x smle – Stranded (feat. Kiddo Al)

WRLD x smle
Stranded (feat. Kiddo AI)

In honor of their new tour together, WRLD and smle have put out a single alongside Kiddo AI through Heroic Recordings. “Stranded” is what the song and tour have been named. Both are not things to miss out on, so whether you’re looking to download the track for free or purchase tour tickets, both can be done while you stream the tune in the dojo.

We would be very surprised if you went to a show on the tour and didn’t hear the song the tour was named after. Regardless of their shared name, a song this could should not be skipped by either of the acts on tour. It’s good enough that if both played it, fans wouldn’t care. “Stranded” has that poppy, euphoric future sound categorized by a catchy vocal and riveting synth work. Each act’s styles fit well together and Kidd AI’s vocal performance takes this song to special heights. Like we said before, it’s available for free and make sure to check out the tour dates for stops in your area.

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[Future Bass] Max Styler & Colt Matthews – Heartache (smle Remix)

Max Styler & Colt Matthews
Heartache (smle Remix)

The duo smle has been putting smiles on our faces ever since they launched a couple years back. Whether it’s with their originals or remixes, like their brand new one of “Heartache,” their work is always something we look forward to. Not only do we look forward, but we’re not disappointed once we have what we desire.

Max Styler and Colt Matthews’ single got flipped from its indie dance sound to a future-friendly one. It wasn’t too much of a leap given the style’s influence on the original, but smle made it their own in a huge way. We thought the original couldn’t get any better, but this one may take the cake. Whenever that discussion even comes up, you know you have a bangin’ remix on your hands. Leave it smle to rival the original, which they’ve done countless times. It’s no wonder they were picked for an official remix!

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 194)

Ready for twelve free downloads? It’s Friday, so as we have for the past 193 Fridays we have collected our favorite party tracks from the week that were out out as free downloads. This week we have some special records from the likes of SMLE, Razihel, Diamond Pistols, No Mana and more. Other tracks include collaborations by Tha Trickaz x Creaky Jackals, Warez x Bad Catholics and Yultron’s single with Ookay, Kayzo and Dotcom. There are a good number of hard records in here, as this is indeed a party playlist. We have some twerk, some trap, future bass, house and even a groovy glitch hop single for you. Check through all twelve, bring them with you to your festivities this weekend and make sure to #danceirresponsibly.

’K.Flay – FML (SMLE Remix)’
’Flosstradamus ft. Casino – Moshpit (Razihel Remix)’
’Slynk – Gorilla On The Floor’
’Tha Trickaz ✖ Creaky Jackals – Dopeness’
’Panda (CONVEX Flip) Free DL = Buy Button’
’Tempura Roll (feat. Ookay x Kayzo x Dotcom)’
’Warez x Bad Catholics – Check It Out’
’Diamond Pistols – Anchor’
’Benasis – Bring It Like That’
’No Mana – Cube Thing’
’ASDEK – Never Stop’
’No Way Back – Honey’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 190)

Can you believe the Party Playlist is at its 190th week? For those of you who have been here since the beginning, we’ve dished out a whole heap of records to make your weekends sound a little better. This week we have another batch of a dozen free downloads for you. Some of our favorite artists, including KRNE, SMLE, NIGHTOWLS, Kandy and Bad Catholics pushed out some epic songs this week that we just had to include. That doesn’t take away from all of the other solid records from acts like Nazariff, Mishap, Atik and the others. As always, we’ve got an eclectic bunch for you to peruse through from future to trap to breakbeat and house. Relax, party, enjoy the weekend, but most of all, #danceirresponsibly.

’Rain Man – Bring Back The Summer ft OLY (Nazariff remix)’
’Baauer – Kung Fu ft. Pusha T & Future (KRNE Remix)’
’Ellie Goulding – Something In The Way You Move (SMLE Remix)’
’Mishap – Bumper Jumper’
’No Funks Given – Geeked Up’
’Zomboy – Like A Bitch (Atik Remix)’
’KANDY & Funky Craig – Weapons (Feat. Example)’
’Ghastly – Every Night (@AtomPushers & @5ynk Remix )’
’Cazztek & Aaron Jackson – Jump On Back’
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[Future] SMLE – It’ll Be Okay (ft. Helen Tess)

It'll Be Okay (ft. Helen Tess)

SMLE are continuing to unravel the Reasons To EP. “It’ll Be Okay” is the follow up to “Every Chance You Get,” which came out just two weeks ago. Singer Helen Tess jumps on this radio-friendly original with a memorable performance that compliments the instrumental perfectly. The futuristic pop sound is bubbly and exciting, causing the listener to feel truly that everything will be okay. With this song out in the open now though, things are more than okay. Expect to hear this one being played out through the end of the year, as it has that much talent and passion behind it. Much like the previous single, this one is up for grabs as a free download, so hop on it. With every track comes more anticipation for the EP, which we estimate to knock the internet’s socks off.

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[Future/Indie Dance] Alicia Keys – You Don’t Know My Name (SMLE Remix)

Alicia Keys
You Dont Know My Name (SMLE Remix)

Miami is known as a hub for house music. It’s also the home of SMLE, an act who recently brought some solid sounds to “You Don’t Know My Name.” SMLE’s future style is presented with a coat of some indie dance vibes in this Music Ninja premiere.

SMLE brought the 2005 Grammy award winning record into the now for one of the freshest remixes of the year. A chilled out composition sends calming tones through the ear for the mind to absorb and bask in. Even though it’s festival season, there’s a need for tracks that are a little more on the cool side, and this remix is one that is going to be at the top of the pile. SMLE delivers the goods again, but is that really surprising? With Soundcloud already stocked with numerous epic flips by SMLE, we already know and love what SMLE has to offer.

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Gwen Stefani – The Sweet Escape (SMLE Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Gwen Stefani
The Sweet Escape ft. Akon(SMLE Remix)

Gwen Stefani. Oh how I’ve missed her. Thanks to the newest remix from SMLE, she is back and better than ever. These two are becoming increasingly notorious for embellishing older songs for the benefit of our eager ears. From T-Pain to Train, there’s no telling what this duo will tackle next, and this rambunctious and dynamic vision of a Gwen Stefani classic shepherds in nostalgia while also setting up your week for a cheery start. Hopefully at some point in the near future, the weather starts warming up again, because SMLE’s newest is a tune primed and ready for car rides with the windows down and sunny days. If this track is any indication, clearly they are eager for summer to kick back in, and honestly, who isn’t?

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