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[Video] Smokey Robotic – Unlike Anyone

Smokey Robotic
Unlike Anyone

With the sun finally shining here out here in the Midwest, I’ve been searching for a song to match the summery vibes I’m feeling on this lovely Sunday afternoon. I think I’ve finally found the perfect one in Smokey Robotic‘s “Unlike Anyone.” The title is an accurate description of the group itself, who never cease to surprise us with the diversity in their sound. This infectious single is the type of tune that gets you bouncing on your heels almost immediately, which may cause you to miss the true meaning behind it. The song is all about the topic of true love, traversing through its difficulties, and emerging whole once again in the aftermath. If you’re as hooked on this as I am, it might be wise to check out the group’s recently released album, Musium, which you can stream for free on SoundCloud, and purchase on iTunes now.

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