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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 202)

This week we wanted to bring you a little extra for the Friday Party Playlist. Not only are you given the usual batch of free records, but we also are providing you with an hour of extra tunes thanks to Carter Cruise, who released the fifth edition of her Cruise Control mix today. Aside from that, you’ll get records from some of our favorites including, but not limited to, Said The Sky, Bad Royale, Herobust, and SKULS. Whether you want banging remixes, new originals, or any specific genre, you can find it here. Genre wise we tap into moombah, house, dubstep, trap and even hip-hop in this week’s collection. Stream them all, download the ones you want, but most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’Ellie Goulding – SITWYM (Said The Sky Remix)’
’Voice feat. Bad Royale – Get Away’
’No Funks Given – Run The Trip’
’INF1N1TE – Bassdrop (Free Download)’
’I Love You (Nitti Gritti Remix)’
’Yultron – Headbang N Chill Part 2’
’Knife Party – Destroy Them With Lazers (BUSTED By Herobust)’
’Lektrique – Spark ft. Panther (Trumpdisco Remix)’
’Yntendo – Know Me’
’Dack Janiels – Xanny Pacquiao’
’Baauer – Body (SKULS RIP)’
’Boombox Cartel – Colors Ft. Grabbitz’
’Number One (Prod. Ivan Jackson)’
’Carter Cruise – Cruise Control v. 5’
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[Jersey Club] S’natra – Feelin’ Good Ft. Synead

Feelin' Good Ft. Synead (Prod. Ivan Jackson)

Everyone’s talking about Drake, but how about S’natra? He’s a fresh hip-hop/crossover artist who just came out with a new cut called “Feelin’ Good” featuring Synead. Just like the last record he put out called “Love To See You Smile,” this record was produced by Ivan Jackson. This time around they go for a jersey club influenced original that will please the hip-hop heads and ravers alike. Everyone will be feeling the good vibes from this record that has the potential to even land in everyone’s next Summer playlists. It’s just that great of a song. S’natra has been making some moves, and we hope to see him near the top of the rap game soon. If he keeps up the amazing work through next year, then 2016 may just be his biggest year yet.

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[Hip-Hop] S’natra – Love To See You Smile

Love To See You Smile (prod. Ivan Jackson)

Hip-Hip & Rap is being dominated right now by variations of trap and party music. Feel good hip-hop has been less sought after, however with S’natra‘s single “Love To See You Smile” he’s shaking up the place. A soulful Summer hit is what he created with producer Ivan Jackson and vocalist Natalie Cressman. This is what I’d rather hear on the radio than Fetty Wap; although “Trap Queen” is pretty catchy, this is better. It’s just got too many good vibes emanating from it not to love unconditionally. Over the past few years, hip-hop has been a genre that I’ve been very picky about, and this is one of the best records I can recall by far. S’natra and company get two thumbs up, ten out of ten, five stars, and so on. “Love To See You Smile” is magic.

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