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[Electronic] Snøwmass – Crossfire ft. Mona Moua

Crossfire ft. Mona Moua

“Crossfire” by Snøwmass and Mona Moua is just the energetic song you need for the Fall season. It’s not over the top or too light for Summer, it sits just right with the season’s characteristics.

The future-tinged original shares some qualities from other records in the Snøwmass catalog, but he slows things down to really focus in on making an anthemic, BIG sounding record. There are a lot of great tracks, but this is one of those that feels as though it is encompassing you with its sound. It’s not easy to pull off, but “Crossifire” hits all the right notes from top to bottom. Best part about it is that it has been released as a free download, so there’s no reason not to get it.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 205)

I don’t know if this applies to just the ninjas, but we’re ready for the weekend. Friday is here, and our Party Playlist is ready to get good times rolling in. Today we have collected a dozen tracks that have been put out recently as free downloads. Some big names including Black Tiger Sex Machine, David Heartbreak, Kandy, Elaksi, and Getter put out top-notch singles this week that we absolutely had to share with you in this collection. This week is almost all party, with very little pre-gaming to be done, except for the first song, which comes to us from Jeremiah Red, otherwise known as KROQ’s on air DJ. Check out all twelve records, and enjoy the next few days off. If for some reason you still have to work, let these records set you free in your leisure time. Most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’Jeremiah Red – .002’
’Statik Link – So Obvious (Original Mix)’
’Black Tiger Sex Machine – Mountains’
’AK9 & Cold One – Give Me A Sign’
’TAAMY, Shwann & The Riberaz – Magnetic (2016 Rework)’
’David Heartbreak – Goodie Goodie Riddim Feat. Cy Kosis And Rell The Soundbender’
’Mercer – Opium (Snøwmass & MNYKR Remix)’
’Skr1ll3x & R1ck R0$$ – Purple L@mb0rgh1ni (KANDY Bootleg)’
’Elaksi – Terminal’
’Ray Volpe – Make Me Feel’
’Getter – Wat The Frick’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 200)

Anybody been here since the first Friday Party Playlist? If you have, that’s a ton of free downloads that you’ve gathered with us. This week, we hope all of you who are going to EDC will enjoy yourselves and stay safe and hydrated this weekend. If you’re not going to EDC, still do the same. As we have done for 200 Fridays now, we’ve gathered some of our favorite free party tracks from the week and put them all in one place for you. We start off with a few pregame tracks before we get to the hard hitters, which come to us this week from Apashe, treovr, Matroda and more. All twelve tracks will serve you nicely over the weekend, whether you are partying it up in your own town, or traveling to Vegas for the big event. Stream, download, but whatever you do, #danceirresponsibly.

’GoldLink – Late Night ft. Masego (Falcons Remix)’
’Venessa Michaels – Really Like (feat. Effy)’
’StéLouse & Devault – All I Need’
’Apashe x RIOT – Fire Inside’
’Botnek & I See Monstas – Deeper Love (treovr Remix)’
’ZHU – In The Morning (Matroda Remix)’
’Herobust – Bottle Swervice (MNYKR & Snøwmass Remix)’
’Ditta & Dumont, Nathaniel Knows – Rip Shit’
’Bassnectar x G Jones – Mind Tricks (ft. Lafa Taylor) (Notixx Remix)’
’Fabian Mazur & Senojnayr – Wasted’
’Snails & Botnek – Happy Hour (TYNVN X G
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[Future] A R I Z O N A – Let Me Tøuch Yøur Fire (Snøwmass Remix)

Let Me Tøuch Yøur Fire (Snøwmass Remix)

Chicago producer Snøwmass brings his future bass sound to the A R I Z O N A single “Let Me Touch Your Fire.” He keeps the soft, yet immersive vibe of the original, but brings it forward into a new form that is enticing to electronic music lovers. Snøwmass dishes out a ethereal soundscape, filled with lush pads and supple synths that sooth the listener to the point of pure relaxation. One of the criteria for a good remix is if it did the original justice, and in this case, the reinterpretation passes with flying colors. Usually we hear some sultry house music from this Chicago resident, but we’re glad he dipped his toes into the future bass sound because this remix is simply magical. We suggest you grab this one for your digital library, as it has been released as a free download for fans.

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