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[Music Video] Sophia Ayana – Chains Off

Sophia Ayana is a name you need to familiarize yourself with. She’s been dishing out some hot tracks with her latest being “Chains Off.” The moombah-tinged pop treat is an emotionally engaging single by itself, but there’s a whole other piece to the picture with the visual component.

“Chains Off” is all about love and its complexities, something that will hit home for a lot of listeners. It is an easy song to become attached to lyrically, as well as audibly given the incredible instrumental and a performance by Sophia that is unrelenting in its power. The music video keeps things simple, focusing in on Sophia herself as she expresses the song in a juxtaposing fashion. See for yourself and make sure to grab a copy of the single from digital stores!

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[Pop] Sophia Ayana – If I Had Your Love

Sophia Ayana
If I Had Your Love

Good pop is great, but Sophia Ayana‘s new one is absolute gold. “If I Had Your Love” is a dancehall-embracing pop record that we wish took over the radio in a hurry. It’s worthy of such exposure and it just could get to the top of the charts.

Regardless of where it deserves to be, it’s her for you to enjoy. Sophia’s voice is one that we’ll gravitate towards every time she picks up the mic. As this is her debut single for her own project, we’re sure to have many more that we can pleasure our ears with, but for the time being “If I Had Your Love” is what we’ve got. It’s upbeat, fun and exciting; no matter if you like pop or electronic music, this is going to satisfy. Want the song for yourself? Get it on iTunes.

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