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[Pop] Taylor Grey – Space Case LP

We’ve been following Taylor Grey for a bit now and she hasn’t disappointed us even the slightest yet. In fact, she keeps surprising us, with the biggest surprise being the creation of a full fledged album. Space Case is that album and it is packed with a dozen of her singles, including the previously released “Never Woulda Letcha.”

Space Case isn’t your average pop album. With it Taylor takes listeners to different sonic arenas, showcasing an edge of diversity that not all pop artists can or do express in their music. One thing that plays well in this project is the electronic crossover sound that tracks like “Miami” and “Don’t Wanna Wake Up” have. Overall it’s a fun project that anyone can enjoy, whether you like pop or electronic music. It’s got just the right amount of both, a balance that may take Taylor to the top very soon.

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