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[Wave] Spoken Bird – Worlds Collide

Spoken Bird has just dropped his latest single, “Worlds Collide,” a track that’s already making waves in the music community. This new release, now available on vibe.digital, features a seamless blend of hip-hop and R&B influences with the ethereal elements of wave music that Spoken Bird is known for. The intricate drum breaks and inventive synth patterns, laced with a touch of psychedelia, offer listeners a captivating sonic journey.

The magic of “Worlds Collide” lies not just in its production but in the story behind its creator, Alex Gonzalez, better known as Spoken Bird. Hailing from Berkeley, California, Alex’s musical adventure began in college where he was initially drawn to the decks as an electronic music DJ. The sounds of dubstep and glitch hop were his early influences. However, his quest for a deeper connection with music led him to study music theory and electronic production. This academic pursuit gave him the tools to transform his DJ sets into original productions, marking the birth of Spoken Bird.

Spoken Bird’s journey from a college DJ to a revered producer in the wave music scene is marked by numerous accolades. He has amassed over 1 million streams, with tracks like “Hold On” and “Beginnings” resonating deeply with fans. His live performances have helped build upon his story and reputation, having shared the stage with notable artists such as CharlesTheFirst, CloZee, and Phaeleh. A highlight of his career includes a memorable performance at Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse, where he played to a audience of over two thousand people.

Spoken Bird’s rise in the wave world shines light on his relentless passion and spirit. Each release, including the mesmerizing “Worlds Collide,” demonstrates his ability to push the boundaries of wave music while staying true to his artistic roots, and then some.

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