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[Nu-Disco] St. Niklas – Everything Is In Your Hands (Cavego Remix)

Everything Is In Your Hands (Cavego Remix)

Norway’s Even Gillebo, who goes by Cavego, got the opportunity to remix “Everything Is In Your Hands” by the fellow Norwegian St. Niklas. The original indie pop record was just begging for a smooth remix, and Cavego came in clutch with his nu-disco rendition. With the remix, the composition is centered around acoustic elements, making it a track that could be played out pretty easily by a live group of musicians, which let’s be honest, would be amazing to see. With the week at the halfway point, this track is just what those struggling need to get over the hump. Throw this track on repeat and let your stress melt away, as Cavego delivers what can only be described as musical medicine for the soul. This track will be released in full on September 1st as a part of St. Niklas’ EP Origo. Until then, stream it!

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