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[Future] Boombox Cartel – Dancing With Fire (ft. Stalking Gia)

Boombox Cartel
Dancing With Fire (ft. Stalking Gia)

Americo Garcia and Jorge Medina, known together as Boombox Cartel, once again wowed us with their latest release. Pairing with alternative pop singer Stalking Gia, the duo has created a track that slightly differs from their usual trap sound. “Dancing With Fire” has a combination of trap elements in the buildup and a burst of soaring synths in the hook. Their use of infectious melodies and catchy sounds will definitely make you fall in love with the track after your first listen. The second drop also features their signature electro synthline that just takes its authenticity to a whole ‘nother level.

Safe to say these guys just keep getting better and better at making hits. If you dig “DWF”, make sure to grab it for free here, or on their Soundcloud page.

Tour Dates:
March Australian and NZ Tour:
Fri 4th – The MET, Brisbane
Sat 5th – Ambar Nightclub, Perth
Wed 9th – Argyle House, Newcastle
Thur 10th – Back Bar, Hamilton (NZ)
Fri 11th – Chinese Laundry, Sydney
Sat 12th – The Helm, Sunshine Coast
Sun 13th – Trapped, Adelaide

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[Multi-Genre] SoySauce – Lunch Money EP

We’ve been waiting for Lunch Money for quite some time. Finally, the EP is here, and SoySauce not only bring good music, but they bring philanthropic intentions with it as well. For those who choose to purchase a copy of the EP from iTunes, the proceeds will be going to the Los Angeles Food Bank, with their Backpack program being the main recipient of the funds. Basically, #EverybodyEats.

As for the music, a couple of the tracks were already parceled out before the official EP release day. The instrumental version of the Andy Milonakis collaboration “Thug Panda” leads off the four tracks, with “Broken Record” featuring Joni Fatora coming in second. Both are strong records that we have featured in the past.

“Talking To Myself” with Stalking Gia is a wonderful crossover song that displays the duo’s aptitude for bringing some variety to the music they create. Lastly, a collaboration with Saturn on “Gravity Waves” brings this to a close with bass. That is, until the second drop, where the guys switch things up entirely. Never does SoySauce disappoint. Do yourself and some children some good by getting a copy of Lunch Money.

’Thug Panda’
’SoySauce ~ Broken Record (ft. Joni Fatora)’
’Talking To Myself Ft. Stalking Gia’
’Gravity Waves ft. Saturn’
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[Indie Dance] Stalking Gia – Born Free (SoySauce Edition)

Stalking Gia
Born Free (SoySauce Edition)

SoySauce took a different direction when flipping “Born Free” by Stalking Gia. Their official remix is a strong indie bomb that has already exploded onto the web, racking up plays in a hurry. Acoustic sounds play a central role in the arrangement, causing the listener to feel as though they are sitting right in front of a full band getting a live experience.

With the weekend approaching, it’s time to collect both bangers and chill masterpieces, with this being one of the latter. SoySauce continue to amaze with each production they put out as they attempt to take over with their unique sound. Identity is key in 2015, and these two are blasting their own path that will lead them to the forefront. Their journey is just beginning, with this track being a staple in their discography. Good thing about it is you can download it for free.

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