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[Moombahton] Strobe! – Good Vibe (feat. Nyla)

Good Vibe (feat. Nyla)

Anytime I hear moombahton, I’m happy. The genre’s been on the backburner, except for a few big time hits by mainstream acts, but Strobe! just came in with Nyla to blow everyone out of the water.

“Good Vibe” is the duo’s newest single released by Warner Music. It’s got everything you look for in an exceptional song. This pop meets moombahton style really resonates with people, and “Good Vibe” has potential to do more than just resonate. It’s a standout record that could really do some damage on the radio, especially with passed singles like “Lean On” doing record-breakingly well. Only time will tell just how successful this one will be. No matter what happens though, the fact that Strobe! and Nyla put together a kick-ass tune can’t be taken away from them.

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