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[Future Funk] Manic Focus – Stronger feat. Late Night Radio, Jennifer Hartswick & Adam Deitch

Manic Focus
Stronger feat. Late Night Radio, Jennifer Hartswick & Adam Deitch

When Manic Focus releases something, you listen. It’s a must. He’s been quiet recently, but now a new single has surfaced with the promise of an album. Mind Rising is due out in April, but today we have “Stronger” featuring Late Night Radio, Jennifer Hartswick and Adam Deitch.

Manic Focus has made some of my all time favorite electronic music songs, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I add another to the list after the album drops, especially if the tracks are as good as “Stronger.” With this single we get a cool, funky jam that exemplifies the producer’s iconic style. All the parties involved worked together seemingly without any conflict, with the result being a super sweet record. Although the album isn’t due out until April 21st, “Stronger” is currently available on iTunes for purchase.

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[Future] JIA LIH – Stronger Feat. Debs

Stronger Ft. Debs

JIA LIH brings the world some hot future beats right out of his home of Australia. The producer, who’s a part of the Hebinomichi crew, has released an original composition with the British act Debs. Their combining of skills resulted in “Stronger,” a magical tune that, if still Winter, would pick you right up out of the cold blues and put you under the sun. It’s uplifting nature is likely the inspiration for the name, along with the female vocal that is strewn about the arrangement. So far this tune is receiving a good amount of attention, much like his other tracks in the past have. JIA LIH has released “Stronger” for free, so get to downloading it for no charge after you have a listen.

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