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Hip Hop Horray: Look out for JDP's Air Raid


JDP, representing Chicago, is an upcoming artist that combines elements of pop, club, and hip hop with a sharp delivery, crafting all these elements into a rich and textured tune that is danceable and provocative. It is refreshing to see an upcoming hip/hop artist with such humor and positivism in his lyrics. It is no longer about the bling, the ho’s and the murder and more about enjoying life. It is clear JDP is not in this business for the fame and fortune thats associated with today’s rappers but more so for the love for music. His catchy take on “She loves everybody” by Chester French combines a refreshing blend of electronic and hip/hop. “I loved the song so much that I wanted to do my own version from my own perspective”

“Styrofoam Cups” has become one of my favorite hip/hop song lately. I am unsure if the song is meant to be satirical or if that is straight up how JDP rolls at parties drinking from Styrofoam cups, whatever the reason, one thing is for sure, this heavy gangsta sounding track is perfect to be the hymn of your next party. The track has gained the attention of Chicago’s biggest radio station and won him the title of “Artist of the Month”. He recently teamed up with skateboarder Terry Kennedy and Swedish MC Adam Tensta on his upcoming album “Air Raid, which is due this month.

Make sure you check out his myspace or hit him up @uptopjdp

She Loves Everybody – JDP

”She Loves Everybody”

Original Song:
She Loves Everybody – Chester French

”She Loves Everybody”

Styrofoam Cups – JDP

”Styrofoam Cups”

Airplane – JDP

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