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[Electronic] Dead Battery – Recovery: Chapter 3, The Road To Recovery

The story continues to unfold. Dead Battery‘s tale of redemption through music in the form of his album, Recovery, has been parceled out since April 14th of this year, exactly a year after his accident. Along with the gripping chapter comes the vinyl sales for the album, so if you would like to pre-order a copy, you can do so at the Kannibalen Records store. If you’re the digital type, the iTunes pre-order is up for grabs. Just getting into the story? Check out chapter one and two to catch up on the journey brought to us by Kannibalen and SuicideSheep.

Now that a working consciousness has almost been fully regained, Dead Battery is starting his path of peaceful vengeance. He begins to comprehend that it will take a lot of time and effort for a new state of normalcy to come to fruition. His mind and body have been through a tremendous amount, and this recent episode is only partially reconstructed in memory. A reconstruction of the self takes place with these next four tracks that toy with disparate emotions.

’The Furry Stranger’

“The Furry Stranger” is the embodiment of a newfound energy. This helping hand is leading Dead Battery, but to what? After a minute of setting a fresh, mellow tone of a thankful sadness, a bustling drum beat comes in to set things in motion. Soon the figurative steps are augmented by epic horns as the ascension begins. It shall have its hurdles along the way, but with “The Furry Stranger,” there’s a palpable hope in the air.


“Floating” begins like a warm blanket of sound. A thankful Tobias has awoken to friends, family, and even strangers that are lending their support to his recovery. He has his own strength, but he is not in this by himself now. When one is ready to live alone, one can truly bask in the company of others. This light-hearted composition is indicative of an authentic optimism being solidified.

’Journey Abroad’

The “Journey Abroad” is an exercise of the imagination. Tobias has just regained control of his traumatized brain, and now he is erupting with emotions. There’s so much to be said, there’s so much to be done; he delivers a few those expressions in one complete package here. Despite being constricted in a physical space, he has his way of moving around, in his mind.

’City By The River’

The “City by The River” is a vantage point. Now that Dead Battery has risen from the hospital bed, and subsequently walked out on his own two feet, he is at a point of introspection. What is taking place is both the reflection of the past, and the rumination of the future.

Ready for chapter 4? We certainly are. Get ready for May 26th! Ps, if you pre-order a vinyl, you will be emailed a digital copy of the album on May 20th.

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[Electronic] Dead Battery – Recovery: Chapter 2, Kindling of The Flame

As we stated when Chapter 1: Dreaming in The Void was released a couple weeks ago, the second chapter was on its way. Now, it is here, packed with three powerful songs that continue to build a story that we can’t get enough of. What Kannibalen Records and Suicide Sheep have on their hands is something special that every listener needs to experience. Just wait until the full album is out, too.

For now, you can pre-order Recovery in full, or wait for vinyl sales to become available. Kick back, read, listen, and enjoy. If you haven’t already experienced the first chapter, hop over to that through the hyperlink above when you get a chance.

Being lost in reality is a frightening experience. After awakening from a coma, one is in a state of confusion. While in this stage, Dead Battery had to reconnect with reality in a way that can’t be imagined by most people. A more aggressive sound characterizes the second chapter, where vocals and drums become even more prominent. Something has happened, but what exactly was it?

’Live Alone’

“Live Alone” starts off the chapter with a resounding shout. Dead Battery’s mind jolts with spasms of energy as he becomes conscious of his mental prison. The struggle is exemplified by exertive synths and heart pounding percussion. Things take a turn towards eerie when a final battle frontier is set by booming horn-like synths for the last third of this shorter piece.

’Die Alone’

Once one realizes they live alone, they then realize they “Die Alone.” Obscured vocals are weaved together, as though the mind is putting its thoughts back into order. Although it has a dreary sound, there’s a certain level of inspiration that radiates from this partner piece.

’Living Ghosts’

“Living Ghosts” picks up the pace and mood with poised synths and ethereal vocals. The song is divided between a soft, introspective soundscape, and a roaring march chorus section. With the soul beginning to come alive, this where Dead Battery turns things around to face a new ascension.

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[Chill] Dead Battery – Recovery: Chapter 1, Dreaming In The Void

A year ago today, Dead Battery was involved in an accident that resulted in him being in a coma. After two weeks in the ICU, he awoke and subsequently started on what has become Chapter 1 of his Recovery album.

Generally when we receive a press release, we do everything we can to avoid sounding like the press release. However, when an email came along with Dead Battery‘s new work, along with his breathtaking story, we decided we had no choice but to share the verbatim telling of this musical journey created by Kannibalen Records, the artist’s home label, and Suicide Sheep who is partnering on this magnificent, and dare we say megalith release. Chapter 1, Dreaming In The Void, is here, but the expedition has just begun.

The initial chapter of Recovery recounts Dead Battery’s state of pure unconsciousness. One does not know when one is asleep, and with a coma, it is the same way, but deeper. With sparse arrangements dominated by airy pads, warm keys and the occasional vocal, this chapter serves as the darkness that Dead Battery withstood.

’Die Another Day’

Enter into the void with a rugged, but chill dive into the bereft blackness. Bewildering pads and a tepid organ welcome you into the mystifying beginnings of what some might call a miracle. For now, it’s just a mysterious world. “Die Another Day” is a campaign of its own that with life-like percussion and a concluding piano phrase that’s simple, yet profound.

’Nothing Lasts’

“Nothing Lasts” opens with an insistent introduction. A sort of stage is angelically set by way of anticipation, as though one is in a waiting room, ready for the next step. This dreamlike sequence picks up once the percussion kicks in, and the shakers and keys pull the listener along a presumed path. Vocals patch up the second half of the song as the journey unravels.

’Leaving The Light’

Opening with a vocal sample expressing its name, “Leaving The Light” is the concretion of the aphotic experience. It’s a slightly upbeat descension further into the abstract reality. The closing segment summarizes the solidification of the shadow upon Dead Battery; a more complete darkness is now achieved.

’Vanished World’

A tranquil, yet haunting place is birthed with “Vanished World.” A breathy atmosphere is built, with percussion subtly entering into the space in due time. A female voice of the subconscious speaks through the musical web as things progress into a state of full immersion, where a resilient guitar takes over until being detuned out of existence. That is… until its resiliency fights off against the darkness of death.

We feel as though some intense new TV drama has hit the web, and now season one has finished off on an enticing note. Instead of a television program, it’s pure music, straight from the heart of a man who will forever be affected by what happened to him one year ago. Dead Battery has us intrigued, as these four tracks are only the beginning. If you’re already a fan, you can head over to iTunes to grab a pre-order of Recovery. Stay tuned, as we will make sure to cover each section of this album.

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[Chill House] Attom – Cruise


Take a feel good “Cruise” with Attom, thanks to the act’s brand new Suicide Sheep single. If you’re looking to reach cloud nine in a hurry, then all you need to do is lend your ears to “Cruise.” Melodic, jolly and beautiful, Attom’s soft production sounds like it came straight down from heaven to bless the world with tranquility. Although not tropical, for those who enjoy that sub-genre, this should be right in your wheelhouse. If you’re one of the people that tropical house disgusts, don’t fret, you’ll also enjoy the “Cruise.” Attom is a newer act on the scene that has quickly made waves with several quality songs, and you can be sure that more will be coming soon.

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