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[Electronic] Sun Glitters – Always the Same

Sun Glitters
Always the Same

Luxembourg-based producer Victor Ferreira, aka Sun Glitters, has given the music community some gold over the years. With a knack for chill wave and side-chain filters, Ferreira always brings us a product that is easy on the ears. Having produced with artists such as Steffaloo and Slow Magic, Sun Glitters always delivers us a good dose of chill with every release, and the chill quotient continues to climb with his latest single “Always The Same” off his newest EP Diving Into Reality.

Given the title of the EP we believe that Diving Into Reality is a successful attempt by Ferreira to explore common themes in reality by manifesting them through sound and that’s exciting to us. “Always the Same” is appropriately driven by a side-chain synth wave that sounds like it’ll go on forever. As the song continues you’ll hear a product that sounds ongoing—like it’ll continue on its same course.

But where we see the beauty in this is that when you listen to every element in the song you’ll find that every little sound entails its own course of action that actually does vary from measure to measure. Just like in life, it seems that Ferreira has found a way to make us aware that there is change in the constant. It is all in the details. And the details are pretty beautiful.

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