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[Indie] Sunflower Bean – Easier Said

Sunflower Bean
Easier Said

Well, they’ve done it again. It hasn’t even been long since we featured them, but Manhattan-based Sunflower Bean has brought us yet another great track– “Easier Said.” This track comes as another teaser leading up to their anticipated album release with Fat Possum Records, Human Ceremony. We’re even bigger fans of this tune than the last we featured, and we quite enjoyed the previous jam.

And just a side note: Fat Possum Records is shaping up to be one of our favorites around here for indie releases. With names like Youth Lagoon and Modest Mouse on their roster, it’s gotten to the point where pretty much anything they release you can count on.

Back to the tune, “Easier Said” opens up with a guitar intro brought by Nick Kivlen that lays a foundation that’s reminiscent of one of our favorite indie bands, DIIV. We’d be content just listening to the guitar for 5 minutes, but front woman Julia Cumming comes in with her characteristically lofty vocals to deliver a harmonious indie jam that’s getting us excited for them to release the rest of their EP. Keep these magic musical beans coming Sunflower Bean.

PS they’re gearing up for tour so look out for ’em. And they’re playing at one of our favorite venues in San Diego– the Che Cafe! Long live the Che!

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[Alternative/Rock] Sunflower Bean – Wall Watcher

Sunflower Bean
Wall Watcher

Manhattan-based Sunflower Bean has caught our attention with their latest single off their debut album Human Ceremony. Describing themselves facetiously as “night music” in their bio, the track “Wall Watcher” indeed sets a perfect tone for the cool kids jammin’ in the moonlight in an indie daze on your local street corner. You would just want to be their friends. Very reminiscent of the all-hailed Joy Division, the drums in this track give this song an edgy English rock flare. And with the title of one of New Order’s best hits in their album name (“Ceremony”), we’ll really never be able to get away from that comparison. Blessed with some rock-goddess vocals mixed with the perfect amount of reverb, the lead singer adds a delicate touch to the otherwise grunge-y tune making it a great listen for most any ears the entire time. Keep up the good work, Sunflower Bean. We’re looking forward to seeing where this album release takes you.

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