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[Soul] RÉN- Sunflowers In The Sky

Sunflowers In The Sky

Turn your attention to a notable new Brooklyn songstress, RÉN. Her latest offering Sunflowers In The Sky’ flows freely and exhibits thick vocals and vibrant instruments. The lyrics are high-minded and well structured. It’s human nature for us to miss each other and Renée Orshan captures this feeling on such an authentic single. RÉN dove in head first with debut ‘Time‘ and this warm follow up will only help her grow. The Berklee College Of Music must be proud of their recent graduate. I’d like to make a toast to Gianluca Buccellati for some amazing production on this one. For everybody using headphones, have a little fun and just focus on one ear at a time to take notice of the impressive arrangement. “You think you know, but you got it all wrong. You haven’t even lived life that long.

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