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[Electronic] Magna – Tombs EP

Sometimes all it takes is one song or project for a producer to jump high up onto our radar. That just happened with the Tombs EP from Philly’s own Magna. This four track EP has been released through SUPERDEAD and sports a variety of sounds that shows some uncanny creative abilities by Magna.

Let’s take Tombs one step at a time. First we get “Skin.” This introductory tune slowly leads us into the madness with a seductive introduction. After that we reach the dark depths of Magna’s bass. With the title track, the bass continues, this time in a dub format with grizzly growls and raging synths. Next comes “Let Go” which shares a similar vibe to “Skin” and then “Run” closes out the EP. We’re just gonna say two things about it: DRUM, BASS; you get the idea. If you sleep on Tombs, then you fail, because this EP is available as a free download.

’Magna – Skin’
’Magna – Tombs’
’Magna – Let Go’
’Magna – Run’
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