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[Future Funk] Willdabeast x SwAy – Crossing Borders EP

Super Best Records just put out a gem of a project with the collaborative Crossing Borders EP. Created by duo’s Willdabeast and SwAy, this three track project is a collection of future funk records that revolve around the concept of love. There are a ton of songs about relationships, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find an EP this cool about it, especially within the glitch bass realm.

Willdabeast and SwAy’s sound fit together like a hand in a glove, it just works. Throw some sweet vocals on the tracks from Brittany Littke and Sinclair Hucke, and you have yourself something extra spectacular. All three tracks are magnificent, bringing a slightly different mood to the table; even within the productions the songs ebb and flow through different emotions and sounds. Crossing Borders starts off strong with “Cuz I Need You Baby,” then moves to the cerebral “On My Mind,” and finishes off with perhaps the best record on the EP, “Peace Offering.” Lastly, Willdabeast and SwAy released this one for free, so get to downloading!

’SwAy x Willdabeast – Cuz I Need You Baby (ft. Brittany Littke)’
’SwAy x Willdabeast – On My Mind (ft. Sinclair Hucke)’
’SwAy x WilldaBeast – Peace Offering (feat. Brittany Littke)’
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[Future Funk] SwAy x Willdabeast – On My Mind feat. Sinclair Hucke

SwAy x Willdabeast
On My Mind ft Sinclair Hucke

Super Best Records has something dope coming next week. SwAy and Willdabeast have teamed up for the Crossing Borders EP that is set for release on March 22nd. One of the tracks on the EP, “On My Mind” has come early, so fans can get a taste of what’s to come.

“On My Mind” is a soulful future funk original that features Sinclair Hucke. Willdabeast is known for fusing the live with the electronic, whether it’s in live format or with tracks, and that’s what we get here. Fans of GRiZ are going to be jiving with this one, as it shares a similar vibe to some of his records. “On My Mind” is just one glitch-ridden piece of a whole project; one that is coming in full soon. Stream “On My Mind” and check back next week for when Crossing Borders is out.

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[Trap/Hybrid] Apashe – I’m A Dragon EP

Want to know something epic? Apashe, the beast of a Prince behind Kannibalen Records, has released his much anticipated EP, I’m A Dragon, today. After releasing a music video for the song “Kannibalen,” there was a lot of ears waiting for this title single. Both tracks share similar qualities within Eastern influence, which should be doing Apashe well as he recently just passed through Asia on his world tour. “I’m A Dragon” features the emcee Sway from the UK, who verbally murders the monstrous instrumental Apashe created. Both tracks touch upon trap and hardstyle, making each potential bombs to be dropped upon festivals this coming season. Expect to see Apashe and his fellow Kannibalen family at a few of those this year! If you’d like to get yourself a copy of the EP, you can do so here.

’Apashe – I’m A Dragon Feat. Sway’
’Apashe – Kannibalen’
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