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[Indie/Pop] Peter Bjorn and John – High Up (Take Me To The Top)

Peter Bjorn and John
High Up (Take Me To The Top)

“Over the moon” is how indie pop masters Peter Bjorn and John said they felt releasing their first new original material since Gimme Some came out four long years ago, and that’s exactly where ‘High Up (Take Me To The Top)’ will bring you as well.

This soaring tune is propelled by off-kilter percussion reminiscent of their 2009 LP Living Thing, but is perhaps a sign of things to come as it stemmed from “forthcoming album-sessions” co-written with Patrick Berger, who is best known for producing artists including Robyn and Icona Pop.

‘High Up’ has been released on the Stockholm-based artist collective and record label INGRID, which Peter Bjorn and John co-founded along with fellow Swedes Lykke Li and Miike Snow, among others, and the track is featured on INGRID Volym 2, a Record Store Day exclusive double-LP of which there are only 500 copies.

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[Electro Rock] Teddybears – No More Michael Jackson

Swedish electro rock nerds Teddybears recently released a new track to kick off a short US tour. Teddybears’ bread and butter has always been ridiculous (and at times entirely non-sensical) electronic feel-good rock, but this one may end up taking the cake. “No More Michael Jackson” is 4 minutes of uptempo drum and synth and completely devoid of Michael Jackson.

I’m sure it was meant to be as irreverent as it seems, considering Teddybears’ trademark style and penchant for tongue-in-cheek humor. And, well… the overall Swedishness of the whole thing. No more Michael Jackson, but lots more Teddybears.

No More Michael Jackson 

Guest post by Chase from Electric Panda Music

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