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[Alternative-Rock] The Deer Republic

I always try to keep the genres balanced but its a shame that I have not been able to post about many indie Alternative-Rock bands on here. Everytime I post remixes on the site, a lot more people send me more remixes and the ratio of remixes to rock bands gets a little skewed. Furtonately, Mike from the Sydney-based band The Deer Republic was kind enough to send us their new single “Need To Know”. Their slightly distorted rich guitars melodies synergizing with the vocals of Mike Andrijic remind me of some of the newer songs from Incubus and The Foo Fighters.

The Deer Republic (Mike Andrijic: Vocals/Guitar, Chris Collins: Guitar, Mo Bloomfield: Bass, Nick Andrijic: Drums) will definetely be one of the new indie bands we will keep an eye on. A promising future can be expected if their upcoming songs can resonate the same way “Need To Know” graciously does.

TheDeerRepublic – Need To Know

’TheDeerRepublic – Need To Know.mp3′


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