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[Jersey Club] S’natra – Feelin’ Good Ft. Synead

Feelin' Good Ft. Synead (Prod. Ivan Jackson)

Everyone’s talking about Drake, but how about S’natra? He’s a fresh hip-hop/crossover artist who just came out with a new cut called “Feelin’ Good” featuring Synead. Just like the last record he put out called “Love To See You Smile,” this record was produced by Ivan Jackson. This time around they go for a jersey club influenced original that will please the hip-hop heads and ravers alike. Everyone will be feeling the good vibes from this record that has the potential to even land in everyone’s next Summer playlists. It’s just that great of a song. S’natra has been making some moves, and we hope to see him near the top of the rap game soon. If he keeps up the amazing work through next year, then 2016 may just be his biggest year yet.

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