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[House] Sak Noel – Tambor

Sak Noel: Building Bridges Through ‘Jungle Tech’

In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, Sak Noel stands as a strong example of someone who pushes the limtis. A Latin Grammy Nominee, an IDMA Winner, and a name associated with Gold & Platinum records, Sak has long been a dominant force, intertwining his vibrant Barcelona roots with the global tapestry of music. With iconic collaborators like Sean Paul, Lil Jon, Madonna, and Maroon 5 under his belt, he’s been the pulse of both the Latin and electronic dance scenes. It’s no wonder then that he shares a podium with Spanish legends like Julio & Enrique Iglesias, having scaled the number 1 spot on the UK Singles Chart.

Today, Sak surprises the world with “Tambor”, a track that epitomizes his musical journey, blending his Spanish essence with a tribute to his heritage. Coined ‘Jungle Tech’, this novel sound seamlessly fuses Asian influences with the passionate Latin flair he’s celebrated for. “Tambor” is a musical siren—pulsating rhythms, evocative brass tones, and a touch of big-room EDM that demands your feet to dance.

Behind the scenes, Sak’s BARNATON imprint, marrying ‘Barcelona’ with ‘Reggaeton’, bolsters the next generation of Latin artists. As he journeys through his European tour, introducing ‘Jungle Tech’ to avid fans, Sak Noel isn’t just presenting a track; he’s bridging cultures, genres, and epochs.

In the global symphony of music, Sak’s voice remains influential. And as he turns this fresh page, the world tunes in, ready for the rhythm.

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