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[Hip-Hop] TastyTreat- Summer (Don’t Go) ft. Wasiu

Summer (Don't Go) feat. Wasiu

Today we have the newest song from producers Tasty Treat and Montreal rapper Wasiu called “Summer (Don’t Go).” If the title doesn’t give it away, this song talks about the good things about Summer and how the majority of people don’t want the season to go.

Treat’s production gives off the Summer time feeling; it’s bouncy and it even has birds chirping at some points in the song to give it some natural tones. Wasiu’s rapping is a list of things that makes Summer the best time of the year when he raps, “This feel like BBQ parties, pools uncles who say it’s way hotter out in Haiti/ It tastes like sweat dripping drunk kisses smudged lip stick dumb water fights gone crazy.” This track is an essential for any future summer time parties/cookouts. If you want to add this song to your playlist check it out on TastyTreat’s SoundCloud or on itunes.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 264)

For whatever reason, we’re flipping the script this week and getting into the thick of things right away. We start off quick by getting into some heaters from WHIPPED CREAM, LUCA LUSH, TastyTreat, JETSET and more. We keep the energy going until the last few tracks where we slow things down for you with some great vibey records from Folded Dragons, Blu J and more. As with every Friday Party Playlist, all the songs included are available as free downloads, so if you’re still a collector of those ever so sacred mp3s, you can grab them. Enjoy the playlist, enjoy the weekend, but most importantly bring out your most wicked dance moves for this backer’s dozen of tracks below!

’Avicii – Levels (LUCA LUSH LIFT)’
’We Might Fall (TastyTreat Remix)’
’JETSET – Bloke Patrole’
’We Might Fall (Parker Remix)’
’Michael White – Angel’s Anthem’
’Bodak Yellow (Wenzday Remix)’
’Ghastly – We Might Fall (IRIS Remix)’
’Sexy Robot Machine Ft. Tolu’
’Alaina Cross – Six Ft (Folded Dragons Remix)’
’Coopex – You Got Me’
’argonaut&wasp – Heart Breaks In Bloom’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 216)

It’s Friday, so here we are with yet another Party Playlist for you. In our 216th edition we have thirteen free downloads for you to help get your weekend going. We start things off with a few laid-back tunes from creators like Nazariff, TastyTreat, and VALENTINE. Then, we move on to some more energetic records from Eliminate, Torro Torro, Goshfather and YOOKiE. We wanted this playlist to end on a heavy note, however Mark John’s new single had to be included, so she closes things out with her track “Before You” to end the night on a more relaxing note. Before the night ends though, make sure to party your pants off and #danceirresponsibly.

’Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion (Nazariff Remix)’
’TastyTreat X Kid Lizard – U And Me Ft. Madi & Malcolm Anthony’
’Kid Froopy – bb (four missed texts) (VALENTINE Remix)’
’Flosstradamus – Mosh Pit (Eliminate Flip)’
’Torro Torro & Aylen – Designed 4 U’
’d3mur – Stairs’
’Goshfather – CRAZY (Original Mix)’
’Infuse (Original Mix)’
’Wolgang Gartner & Skrillex – Devil’s Den (Illuminate Bootleg)’
’Fista Cuffs – Transition ft. Brenna v.K.’
’Festivillainz – Wake Up VIP’
’Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE – Need You (YOOKiE Remix)’
’Mark Johns – Before You’
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[Trap] TastyTreat – Wayward EP

Ever since we heard TastyTreat were releasing an EP on Buygore, we have been extremely excited. We were teased with the collaborative single, “My Crew” with Malcom Anthony, and now our fiendish appetite for more has been satisfied by the other two records.

If you didn’t catch “My Crew” when we posted it previously, don’t fret, as we have it for you below. All you need to know about that one is that it is hotter than a fevered volcano. But before you get to “My Crew” you have to go through “Ascension” which is just as hot, or even hotter. “Ascension” has some ravishing bass sounds that are going to melt your ears, and get your body grooving. It’s not just a banger, it’s a dance-able hit record that has immense depth and energy. To close the EP, TastyTreat delivered their collaboration with YLTI and Gino Diggs called “Struggle.” The only struggle you’ll enter into with this one is trying not to throw this one on repeat. Hip-Hop is an influence that the duo has in their tracks, but here they were able to go full hip-hop and smash it. The Wayward EP is more than we even hoped for, and we hope it satisfies you as much as it did us. If it did, head on over to Beatport for a copy.

’TastyTreat – Ascension’
’TastyTreat – My Crew Ft. Malcolm Anthony’
’TastyTreat – Struggle Ft. Gino Driggs & YLTI’
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[Trap] TastyTreat – My Crew Feat. Malcolm Anthony

My Crew Ft. Malcolm Anthony

Twerk music is one of our guilty pleasures here at Music Ninja. Recently, our friends over at Buygore put out a record called “My Crew” that fits that booty-shaking sound. We knew it was going to be a doozy when we saw it was by TastyTreat featuring Malcom Anthony. After having a listen, we weren’t disappointed.

In fact, it was even better than we imagined. “My Crew” is a hands-down party anthem. There is no way around it. It’s perfect mix of hip-hop meets electronic is undeniable and its energy is off the charts. Twerk’s prime time has passed, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gems like this one coming out, blowing away the competition. With this single, TastyTreat has everyone on their seats and ready for their upcoming EP, Wayward, that is dropping May 20th. If the rest of the songs are this good, then TastyTreat may be putting out one of the biggest projects of the year. Until then, stream “My Crew” and head over to iTunes to wait impatiently for the rest of the EP.

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[Electronic] TastyTreat – For a Minute (feat. MOONZz)

For a Minute (feat. MOONZz)

TastyTreat is a familiar name around here, and it’s certainly warranted. Following up their contribution to Hebinomichi Vol 3., this duo joined forces with the brilliant MOONZz on a radiant and energetic new tune titled “For A Minute” that doubles as an exceptional pick-me-up if you’re stuck in some winter blues.

Right from the jump, MOONZz succeeds in drawing us in with her sleek delivery and sultry vocals as the luscious groove of TastyTreat’s handiwork barrels out of the speakers with an emphatic and resounding presence. You’ll need a good amount of space when you listen to this tune for the first time, because we can guarantee you’ll be dancing like nobody’s business once the first kick punches through. There are a myriad of wonderful things happening in this lively new effort from TastyTreat, so you should just go right ahead and press play to experience it for yourself!

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[Compilation] Hebinomichi Vol. 3

There’s so much to celebrate about Hebinomichi. Gathering together some of the future bass movement’s finest, this group collectively has forged a tight-knit sound that not only complements their vision as a whole, but also defines their capabilities as standalone artists. I won’t bore you with a description of it, because you simply need to dive right in and experience the whole project in full RIGHT NOW. Enjoy some very intriguing and fresh new sounds from the Hebinomichi clan, and be sure to support them in any way you possibly can!

Stay connected with Hebinomichi: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

’Maxx Baer – Otherside’
’NRMИ – How It Feels’
’TastyTreat x Dathan – Get Creative’
’Venza & D.Vault – U Get Me ft. Eve DeVault’
’Shywalker – Late’
’Laetho – Pegasus’
’StéLouse – Couch Surf’
’Ahh ooh x Muzzy Bearr (ft. K.B. Starr) – Call You Up’
’GRIMECRAFT – Without U’
’Alexandre – Dark In The City’
’Rando & Bato – Off Centre’
’DJANK YUCCA – Flight Club’
’ill esha – Ghostwriter’
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