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Electronic Vibes from Canada: DEEBS

Upcoming producer/DJ “Deebs” has completely won me over with his off the wall remix of Walking with a Ghost. It has only been about a year since he started producing electro music and he has already become a party favorite in his home town Guelph, Ontario. He also recently released another remix “Pick Up The Slack” from the Golden Gloves that is much more synthetic and with a higher level of trippiness. I am also posting a fun song Deebs remixed with the begining lyrics “Is this the real life, Is this just fantasy” of Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen. I always love when people bring back the classics. You can check out Deebs myspace for more electronic songs.

Walking With A Ghost (Deebs Remix)

’Walking With A Ghost(Deebs Remix)’

Golden Gloves – Pick Up The Slack (Deebs Remix)

’Golden Gloves – Pick Up The Slack (Deebs Remix)’

Queen – The Real Life (Deebs Remix)

’Queen – The Real Life (Deebs Remix)’
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