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[Trap] SKULS – Terminal EP

Just a couple weeks ago, SKULS released a two track EP with a special announcement. The announcement turned out to be that the duo was going to release an even bigger EP soon. Today, it’s come.

SKULS’ Terminal EP marks a special point in the career of the Bay Area duo, who have now relocated to Los Angeles. Terminal was released with four singles through Terrorhythm Recordings, and is currently available on digital stores. SKULS keeps up the heat without letting up; not one song on this EP is lacking in any way. Within the songs, we get a glimpse into the lives of SKULS, who go so far as sampling voicemail from their journey from Northern California to LA. SKULS signature style is displayed in full, with “Lotusville” in particular being an exceptional track off the record. This is just the beginning. There’s a lot more coming from SKULS. Stay tuned.

’SKULS – 1501’
’SKULS – Power’
’SKULS – Lotusville’
’SKULS – Movements’
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