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[House] Majestic & That Guy – My Boo 2016

Majestic & That Guy
My Boo 2016

Everybody knows of the Running Man Challenge. It’s one of the more viral things on the internet right now. Instead of bringing Ghost Town DJ’s song into 2016 by way of a silly video, Majestic and That Guy decided they were going to flip the track.

The two acts infused a bit more of a house-friendly groove into the song with their interpretation. We still get the memorable lyrics, and then we get some fun-loving piano chords along with small accompaniment that fills out the composition.”My Boo 2016″ has already received support from BBC 1Xtra, as well as several other DJs. Majestic & That Guy cashed in on flipping a great song that has had a ton of social media steam lately. There have been some remixes of this song coming out, but this is easily one of the better ones you are going to find. Random Mandem and New State Music partnered up to release this remix. Check it out now and maybe film your own Running Man Challenge video!

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[Deep House] Majestic – Hard (Dub)

Hard (Dub) [Produced by That Guy]

London creator Majestic came with some fire to start off February. “Hard (Dub” is his upcoming single that will be released through Random Mandem. Fellow Londoner That Guy produced this minimal record that was premiered last week by Danny Howard. Lovers of deep house are going to lose their minds over this production, who’s melodic grooves are pure funk. It’s bustling sound will have listeners dancing through the song’s entirety without hesitation. Once the first tone enters your ear, your head starts bobbing. “Hard (Dub)” has that classic club sound that you imagine hearing at 3AM coming out of an intimate nightclub. Stay tuned for a release date on this original, as there is not one set yet, but because it’s been uploaded to Soundcloud, we imagine it won’t be too long. For now, stream it!

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