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[New] Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeroes- That’s What’s Up

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes, the indie-folk sensation that brought us “Home”, are back with a new single today titled “That’s What’s Up”- a track that from start to finish soundtracks the summer season before it has even begun.

In a way, “That’s What’s Up” shows the band maturing from their days of singing lines like “cotton candy, pumpkin pie, you’re the apple of my eye”, a fact they’ve made known with their first single of 2012 “Man On Fire”, while keeping the cutesy, old soul, feel in tact. Letting the low fidelity of “That’s What’s Up” nod to generations past and give a modern take to a vintage soundscape, the band drops a subtle hint that their forthcoming record, titled Here, will be full of sweet and bouncy tunes that are both behind the times and ahead of the curve.

’Thats Whats Up’

Here is set for release on May 29th.

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