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Delicious fruits from Quebec Antique "The Abbey Tapes"


I wrote about Quebec Antique not too long ago on a post I called Mellow Music Madness, where I showcased a couple of artists that had wonderful mellow songs you can relax to. However, over the past days I have enjoyed their music way TOO much that I just had to spread the word about how awesome these guys sound. Quebec Antique is a project by duo Andy Dollerson and Michael Blake. Their Album “The Abbey Tapes” was released January 2009.

I think Chrisr from CD Baby said it best “Lovely, crystalline beats support a bed of swelling sounds and hushed, earnest vocals. As with Ben Gibbard, the lyrics seem both confessional and universal.” Many have said their sound branches off from Postal Service, to which I have to emphasize that although Quebec Antique may have some similarities here and there, they are a completely different tree with amazing melodically rich electronic fruits for your hungry ears. As Blake describes it, unlike the conventional electronica genre that tends be on one extreme of the spectrum with its over manipulated, completely predictable sounds, Quebec Antique strives in producing a much more creative melodic sound that takes the best from both worlds.

You will sure see these guys again on The Music Ninja’s Best albums of 2009! Check out there website here or listen to their music on thesixtyone

Right As Rain – The Abbey Tapes”

”Right As Rain”

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Under White Roofs – The Abbey Tapes”

”Under White Roofs”

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Sleep – The Abbey Tapes”


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