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Another Robot Sunset – "Goodbye I'm Gone"

indexOdd duets make awesome music. It is certainly true for Another Robot Sunset, an indie electronic hip hop band from Nashville. Cadence was a rapper. Padgett was a physicist. They met, started making music together, and The Amber Ep was born. I think CDBaby said it best “This is what would happen if a rapper and a scientist got stranded on a desert island with only a casio keyboard and a drum computer”. As a huge fan of bands that mix electronic/experimental beats with hip-hop, The Robot Sunset hit the spot. Throughout their album you will notice they are more electronic than hip-hop and it really works to their advantage. They dont simple lay down a beat and rap over it. The vocals/raps almost seems secondary to the harmonious electronic melodies that make up every song, which makes them an easy listen… even for non hip/hop fans. Although The Amber EP, released in 2007, is probably the last and only album we will hear from them.. I just couldnt help myself to not exprses how great they sound. 

another-robot-sunset-the-amber-ep“Goodbye I’m Gone”

”goodbye i’m gone”

Here is another great song from The Amber EP

“Hospital Hearts”

”hospital hearts”

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