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Audiowrx – Feels (feat. Jade LeMac) [TMN Premiere]

Tomorrow, Audiowrx will be dropping their EP, The Awakening, on Firepower Records. Instead of having you wait for the entire project tomorrow, we’ve got you covered with an exclusive premiere of the single “Feels” in the dojo today!

“Feels” features a vocalist by the name of Jade LeMac who happens to be only THIRTEEN years old. That’s right – and she kills it. The same can be said for Audiowrx with their future bass production that certainly lives up to its name by evoking deep emotions. We’re happy to give you the chance to hear it first and make sure to check back online tomorrow for the full EP!

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[Music Video] Vargas & Lagola – Dolores (The Awakening)

We love music videos that are created by individuals who aren’t trying too hard for something. Over-the-top videos seem to becoming a staple in electronic music, but Vargas & Lagola don’t seem to care. That’s totally fine with us as the music video for their song “Dolores (The Awakening)” is beautifully stunning and just about as simple as you can get.

If the duo were going for a classy, but stylish music video, then they nailed it. They rely on the beauty of nature, in particular flowers, to entertain the viewer. That is, until they make a surprising switch to a different set of home video images that definitely isn’t what you expect, but it fits. The energetic song whisks you through these images, disregarding any expectations you have. It’s a ride and you’re just along for it. Want a copy of the track? It’s out on digital services today.

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